How to play Warden - For Honor Warden Guide and Tips

Aug 16 2019 6 min read

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There are many amazing classes in For Honor. All of them have unique abilities and movements which make this game one of Ubisoft's best yet. Having said that, the Wardens are definitely among the most popular ones. Usually, you will see them wearing very heavy plated armors as well as a massive two-handed sword. Apart from looking cool, Wardens are also very easy to pick up and play with because they have amazing offensive and defensive capabilities whilst being also fun. This makes them one of the perfect choices when it comes down to new players. Sure, some of the other classes might seem more interesting but it is better to learn with something easier first. 

Wardens - facts

Like I mentioned above, this class has a big sword which, as you can guess, deals a massive amount of damage. Of course, similar to pretty much any other game out there, this means that hitting with this sword is a rather slow thing. Sure, it does a lot of damage but since it's slow, it is actually hard to hit some of the more experienced players who can easily dodge your strike without even trying that much. 

That's why it is a way better idea to use light attacks rather than one big strike. You will be able to deliver fast, precise and clean strikes which will also do a decent amount of damage. However, the best thing to do is to just mix the light attacks with the heavy ones in order to do some amazing combinations which will allow you to bring down your enemies very fast. Also, don't forget that Wardens are very tanky by nature, which means that your enemies have to give it all out in order to bring you down.

Similar to any other game out there, you will definitely become better at it once you start playing more. However, if there is something to remember about this class is that you need to know the exact reach of your attacks as well as how fast they are done. By knowing this, you will able to navigate more and be more deadly in total.  Sometimes it might be a lot better to just focus on blocking the attacks from your enemies and just wait for the perfect strokes. However, sometimes you can just go full YOLO and see what will happen.

The Warden is not really a class that has the best offensive and defensive capabilities in the game. However, it is a very good all-rounder, which makes it a perfect choice for some of the players out there. Having said that, the Warden definitely does not have the firepower of some of the other classes such as the Peacekeeper for example. Despite that. if he is played right, he is more than capable of bringing them down.

Useful tips to use while you are in combat

  • As mentioned above, it is definitely a good idea to use the Light Attack Combo as often as you can. If you hit an enemy using the light attack from the left or the right side, the next attack you do from either side will always be a guaranteed hit, which means that your enemies will not be able to react at all. What's more, the second attack always follows the first which means that your enemies can't really do much about it.
  • Also, don't forget to use the Shoulder Bash as soon as you do the Light Attack Combo. This will basically stun your enemy and allow you to use the Light Attack Combo again. Needless to say, this is definitely an outstanding move which can pretty much win you the fight. In fact, the only time when this won't work is if your enemy is actually expecting this because otherwise, their reaction time has to be very fast. Of course, this does not deal that much damage but you can add some other attacks in it as well.
  • Remember using the deadly parry after your light attack. As you know, you can parry pretty much every attack that comes from the upper stance. Also, depending on the person that strikes you, you can take as much as 1/3 of the enemies health points in just one hit. Of course, you can only parry upper attacks which is its downside. In addition, if your enemy is under the Revenge mode effect, you will not be able to parry it too.
  • Feints, feints and more feints. As mentioned above, the Warden has one of the slowest attacks in the game. However, you can do many small plays by faking a big strike and then just feint so that you can use the light attack from the right or left side and do the big damage mentioned in point one. As soon as you do that, you can also use the Shoulder Bash and another series of attacks. By the time you're done, your enemy should be dead or at least at very low HP, which is still good.
  • Zone attacking is also something which is very good to learn in For Honor, especially when you play a Warden. If your enemy is blocking your attacks, you can try to use the overhead slash and feint it again in order to use the zone attack. This will force your enemy to move a bit, which means that he won't be able to block this type of attack. Of course, this is definitely easier said than done, so be sure to try it a couple of times.
  • Even though Dash might seem like a cool ability, it should not be used at all. Sure, the damage output is good but its basically the slowest move which you can use and as stated above, For Honor is a very fast-paced game, which means that everything that is slow must be eliminated.
  • Remember that you can use your Light Attack Combo as soon as your guard brakes. However, in order to do this, you must in either left or right stance. When you hit your enemy with his combo, you will also be able to use another attack similar to the ordinary variant of this move.
  • Lastly, you will need to learn how to control properly your character's stamina meter. Of course, this will definitely take some time because it is pretty hard to do. However, once you spend enough time in the game itself, this will not be that big of a deal.
    The Warden's attacks are very powerful as mentioned, which means that they also do a lot of damage. However, upon using them, you will also find out that they take a lot of health points which will quickly crush your stamina meter. That's why every good enemy against you will pretty much try to get you "tired" and they will take full advantage of it.

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