How to level up fast to lvl 120 in Final Fantasy XV

Jul 13 2019 3 min read

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Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic series in gaming. The game itself is a fast action role-playing game which is based in an open-world environment involving various weapons, elemental magic and other features such as a vehicle, travel, and camping. Having said that, in order to enjoy the game at its fullest, you need to get to the maximum level.

The game has plenty of ways in which you can get all the EXP needed. In fact, FF15 features some very interesting post-game and late-game quests that will require you to level a lot more. Having said that, this means that you will want to take advantage of all the exp you can get.

Here are some ways in which you can do that fairly fast, without having to grind all that much.

How to get the maximum level in Final Fantasy XV?

IN FFXV, the level cap has been increased from 99 to 120. However, in order to reach that number, you will need to get around 26 MILLION exp. There are numerous ways in which you can get that EXP rolling in. 

Side questing

For instance, side questing is a very popular method because you can get large drops of EXP when you turn in the quest. In order to locate those side quests in FFXV, try looking at the map and find the icons that have a yellow question mark. Keep it in mind that sometimes there could be plenty of stuff going on in your map. That’s why it is a good idea to turn off some of the stuff which you won’t need.

 While this might seem easier said than done, there are also other things which you can try out.

Farming Cactuars

  • Farm Cactuars in the new timed quest which was introduced in patch 1.05. In fact, you can start this timed hunt near Cnuscherry Plains.

  • Before you start the quest, make sure that you have equipped the Moogle Charms. This Charm will add an exp bonus to the wearer. In addition, you can also equip Nixperience Band, especially if you are in a party. By doing this, you will stop the experience points from being spent.

  • Eat Lasagna al Forno in order to increase the experience points earned by 100%. 

  • Equip Black Hood and you`ll automatically evade all attacks 

  • Finally, you can also equip the Ring of Lucii. This item allows you to cast advanced magic, including a spell that lets you heal by dealing damage.

If you use the method above, you can easily earn around 140k EXP in around five minutes. However, if you use eight rare coins and craft Expericast spell and use it before you kill Cactuars, you`ll get around 300 to 400k exp per quest. 

Using EXP Bonuses

FFXV has very interesting mechanics in terms of processing experience. In fact, all the experience which you get must be stored. You can do this by staying in a hotel for example.

However, every time of accommodation in the game has some sort of an EXP bonus. The “Creme de la Creme” in the game is the Royal Suite in the Leville, in Altissa. If you stay there, you can get three times to experience a bonus. However, in order to do so, you will need to pay the jaw-dropping 30,000 gil per night.

It is indeed very pricey but worth it in the long run. After all, 3x experience is just too good to pass.


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