How to Earn Gold and Interest in Dota Underlords

Jul 05 2019 4 min read

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Gold is the primary resource in Dota Underlords, making it is key. Sound knowledge of how it is gained, what it can be spent on and how best to manage it, will determine how great Dota Underlords player you become. 

This guide will explain the various ways to acquire gold, what you should be spending it on and a tip or two to help you get the advantage in-game. 

What is gold used for?

Gold is the engine that keeps Dota Underlords' economy pumping and can be used in the following ways:

Hero management

Players must buy heroes with gold in the shop, at a cost ranging from 1-5. This cost is determined by the hero's tier or rarity. The higher its tier, the stronger the hero and vice-versa. Buying three copies of a particular hero will also result in that hero leveling up, thereby improving its stats and abilities. 

Hero selection refresh

A random selection of Heroes are presented to the player each round. If the selection is unfavourable to your strategy, it is possible to get a new selection at the cost of 2 gold. This does not ensure you get what you're looking for but it does give players the chance to find better alternatives. 

Instant experience points

Players gain experience points at the start of every round, which allows them to level up. Specific levels will enable players to increase the number of deployable heroes but with each rise in level, there is an increase in the points required for the next level up. 


This may not be an obvious use for gold, but the amount of gold gained will determine the amount of interest a player will receive on that gold. Ultimately increasing the gold players have in hand. Interest is a mechanic in which players are rewarded with 10% gold for every 10 gold they own.  For example, 20 gold will earn 2 gold extra and 40 gold, 4 gold extra. 

How to earn gold

Here are all the present ways to acquire gold in Dota Underlords:

  1. Round end — At the end of each round, players get 1-4 gold for the first 4 rounds and 5 gold for every other round afterwards. 
  2. Win a round — Defeating your opponent within a round rewards players with 1 gold. 
  3. Win/loss streaks — Whether you win or lose a round, if you do one or the other consistently, you will gain a streak that rewards 1-4 gold. This allows players to create strategies around losing as well as winning. 
  4. Sell heroes — By selling heroes you no longer have a use for, players will receive a refund based on the hero's present level. 
  5. Acquire interest — Players receive 10% of their current accumulated gold at the end of each round. However, this bonus is capped at 5 gold. 

Strategies to earn more

Players can use the game's gold system to their advantage through the following means: 

  • Certain heroes have synergies with other heroes called Alliances. Use these powerful abilities to help you win rounds and gold. 
  • Regarding losing streaks, you receive 1 gold for 3-4 losses and 2 gold for 5 or more losses. 
  • Regarding winning streaks, you get 1 gold for 3-4 wins, 2 gold for 5-6 wins, 3 gold for 7 wins and 4 gold for 8 wins. Winstreaks reset after the eighth won. 
  • Losing or winning loot rounds in which you fight non-player enemies will not affect your accumulated streak. 
  • Be careful not to lose the game when you focus on getting losing streaks.  
  • If you have more than 50 gold on hand, you should consider spending it so that you gain gold from the 10% interest. Interest on amounts above 50 gold will only get you 5 gold extra. 
  • Focus your early game on building a strong team. 
  • Accumulate gold in the mid-game while relying on the strength of your team to delay unnecessary purchases. 
  • Spend your accumulated gold on powerful heroes in the late game. 
  • Sometimes it is best to snatch up powerful heroes as they appear, because all heroes in a match exist in a shared pool that all players pick from. 
  • Don't lose hope when you think other players have taken all copies of the heroes you need. Persevere and when they die, their heroes go back into the pool. So make sure you still have enough gold in the late game. 

With this, you should be able to better manage your gold, maximise gain and do away with unnecessary expenses. Good luck! 

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