How Na'Vi managed to clean sweep the EU Road to Blizzcon

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Na'Vi had an incredible showing at the EU Road to Blizzcon

Na'Vi had an incredible showing at the EU Road to Blizzcon, not dropping a single game. What made that possible?

A clean sweep against some of the best teams in Europe is no easy feat, but Natus Vincere has managed to do it. Not losing a single game in the EU Road to Blizzcon, the team looks poised to take Europe by storm. With the fan favorite for most being Team Liquid or Dignitas, this incredible victory is somewhat out of the blue. But how exactly did it happen?


Na'Vi has pulled out some crazy strategies this weekend, things that no team could have prepared for. They've been extremely creative in their drafts and team fights with things that are new, fresh, and clearly practiced. It's unknown how long they worked on these plans but they'd have to be confident in them to pull them out at such an important tournament.

Stick around

As mentioned in my previous article, Na'Vi has brought a fresh new strat to the table with The Butcher and Falstad. The Butcher locks some poor squishy soul in place with Lamb to the Slaughter and Falstad Might Gusts their team away leaving them alone and in danger. The strategy was awesome when we saw it at first, but they've gone a step further and added a brand new aspect to it.

If you haven't guessed it from the picture above, they ran a warrior-free comp. We've seen a few of them pop up here and there but nothing like this. One Butcher is frightening enough, but add another with the threat of a Kerrigan combo and Uther shields and you've got a very scary team. And of course it's all backed up by Falstad for his incredible ability to dictate the flow of battle, especially with The Butcher's Lamb to the Slaughter.

'Meta'? The heck is a Meta?

Brightwing and Arthas don't sound like too strange of picks these days. Even though they're seeing more traction most people would agree that they're niche and fill a specific role. Arthas's role is mostly that of an off-tank and Brightwing's role is mostly that of a hardcore assassin pal for Illidan. So what happens when you put them on the same team? With Arthas main tanking? With a Tyrande, Kerrigan, and Kael'thas? Well you win games that's what.

Although these characters are not picked terribly often (the exception being Kael'thas) they had a ton of control in fights. Between Arthas's root, Kael'thas's stun, Brightwing's polymorph, Tyrande's stun, and Kerrigan's entire kit almost, they have an incredible ability to lock two or three targets down at once. After all, there are multiple ways to win a teamfight, and if the enemy team can't move or act then how do they fight back in the first place?

Blizzcon and beyond

Na'Vi's next hurdle is Blizzcon where they'll face international competition for the first time. If the EU Road to Blizzcon is any indicator, there will surely be some new strats that nobody expects. As the dust settles in Europe, Na'Vi and Dignitas will continue to grow and improve in preparation. The teams that did not qualify will likely train even harder as well, as the number one spot in Europe may be Na'Vi's for now, but it has never been contested more hotly.

You can watch a few videos from the final game below: 


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