How many DPC points needed to get to TI9?

Jun 12 2019 5 min read

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Fifteen teams to four places — it's the competition for the last unlocked direct invites to The International 2019. Fourteen teams have the final opportunity to populate their account in the Dota Pro Circuit rating, and Keen Gaming will be watching them, nervously waiting for the result.

The final stage can be called the "CIS-round": StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor will be held in Kyiv from June 12 to 16, and the EPICENTER Major will be held from June 22 to 30 in Moscow.

We'll divide all teams into three small groups: 

  1. who will hardly get into the final top-12; 
  2. who have a small but real chance; 
  3. who will surely be the winner in this race.

And we consider SLi Minor only as EPICENTER Major qualifiers because the prize points will have an insignificant effect.

Only hope remains

  • Team Anvorgesa (0 points, Minor)

  • Winstrike Team (0 points, Minor)

  • Team Sirius (0 points, Minor)

  • Infamous (60 points, Major)

  • Pain Gaming (150 points, Major)

  • Complexity Gaming (153 points, Major)

  • Forward Gaming (155 points, Major)

The situation with these teams is clear. They need to get to the top-6 of Major to be in the "list of twelve". The participants of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor need to overcome the high competition of the teams in Kyiv.

However, Ninjas in Pyjamas will probably take one of the slots, in addition to such motivated teams like EHOME, Mineski (we're glad that they've finally got visas) and Alliance. Ppd with the teammates have already won the right to perform at The International, but they want to go to Moscow. EPICENTER Major will be an essential step in preparing the team for TI.

Unfortunately, teams mentioned above don't show the level of the game, worthy of top-6 in the Major

One step to Shanghai

  • Keen Gaming (1140 points, 9th place)

  • OG (948 points, 10th place, Major)

These teams "secured" their invites. Keen Gaming cannot affect their fate, but their position is quite reliable. In which case the Chinese squad will "fly out" of the list of twelve? If other four teams could take them. OG, TNC Predator and EHOME need to get into the top-8, Alliance and Mineski — the top-6, and the rest of the teams — top-4. The fact that EHOME, Mineski and Alliance will play at the Minor (NiP is still there), raises the chance of Keen Gaming to play at TI9 to an almost guaranteed level.

The situation is almost the same with OG as with Keen Gaming, but they will still perform in Moscow. Top-8 practically guarantees them an invite to The International, and the fact of participation in Major significantly reduces the chances of elimination. It is unlikely that three teams out of the DPC TOP-10 will simultaneously enter the EPICENTER Major top-8.


  • TNC Predator  (696 points, 11th place, Minor)

  • EHOME (609 points, 12th place,  Minor)

  • Alliance (299 points, Minor)

  • Mineski (266 points, Minor)

  • Gambit Esports (228 points, Major)

  • Royal Never Give Up (63 points, Major)

The task is simple for RNG and Gambit — top-6 or nothing. Each of the groups can achieve this in theory. The Chinese five gained a good shape, winning WePlay! Tug of War: Dire Asia and this DPC season have taught us that we shouldn't discount The Middle Kingdom teams.

CIS representatives took fourth place at ESL One Birmingham 2019. The team had a second wind, and we saw Gambit's great game. Together with RNG, they are the dark horses, which could suddenly run faster. There is no place like home for the Russian team: the fans there are known for their loyalty and support.

And now we have a more interesting situation: Alliance and Mineski only need to hit the top-8, to knock EHOME out of Minor. The Swedes show a decent game in the world's strongest region - Europe, but they are inferior to the "big four" (Team Secret, Team Liquid, OG, NiP) in the level. Will their skill be enough to break into the "list of twelve"? The question is still open.

Mineski is doing a bit worse. They have fewer points, and the team will have to play literally right after they leave the aircraft ramp: the late visa approval might play its role. At the same time, this whole situation could make the players angry, and there is no reason to doubt their potential. Could they implement it in the right way?

TNC Predator and EHOME are on the lead role in this battle for the top-12 DPC, but their position is somewhat unstable. The representatives of the East shouldn't relax: they could be punished for a bad result.

Who will go to Shanghai?

We would like to believe in some surprises. Most likely, nobody will disturb the Keen Gaming and OG positions, but the appearance of someone from the Gambit Esports / RNG / Alliance / Mineski group near the "zone of invites" would be intriguing. Unfortunately, this means that TNC Predator or EHOME will have to step aside. Anyway, extremely hot tournaments await us both in Kyiv and Moscow. The end of the season will be exciting!

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