Horizon Zero Dawn: Best Weapons - Where to find Shadow Weapons

Jul 01 2019 5 min read

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Being an open-world action game, Horizon Zero Dawn actually has plenty of deadly weapons for you to choose from. Each weapon has a category, however, it is important to know that the best weapons are only obtainable once you get later on in the game. In addition, nearly all of the best weapons are bought from vendors. Having said that, they will become obtainable once you progress a little bit in the game itself. That is why you should keep an eye on each new vendor you meet because you never know.

The weapons in the game have different colors, similar to many other titles out there. For example, the best weapons are Purple and they can be purchased from the “Hunting Goods Merchant” once you reach meridian. The price of the the items is identical in all merchants throughout the game.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Tearblaster is one of the most special weapons in the game because you can only get it as a quest reward. In order to do that, you have to complete the Hunter’s Blind Sidequest, which you can get at the Hunter’s Lodge.

The weapon itself uses special ammo and shoots compressed air in short bursts. Even though it might seem a little bit dull, Tearblaster actually works wonders against machines, should you use it properly.

Shadow Ropecaster

This weapon is actually the Shadow version of the ropecaster and it’s absolutely awesome. Its main purpose is to tie down and immobilize machines, which leaves them open to attacks.

This weapon actually does no damage, which means that you need to modify it a bit. Luckily, it has three modification slots, however, it costs 500 metal shard and a Snapmaw Heart.

Shadow Sling

This amazing item has 40 handling and 3 mod slots and it is used mainly to do AoE damage, inflicting the enemies with elemental vulnerabilities.

In fact, this weapon can shoot fire, frost and shock grenades and each of them has a different effect. The fire does damage over time, the frost lowers the damage resistance and the shock stuns.

In order to obtain it, you will need 650 metal shards and a crystal braiding.

Shadow Hunter Bow

This weapon is absolutely amazing at short to medium range, even though you can use it on long distances too. The hunter now is amazing for spamming arrows due to the fact that it prioritizes accuracy instead of speed. Having said that, you can also modify this weapon up to three times. In addition, it has 80 handlings and can use regular, fire or precision arrows.

Similar to the Shadow Sling, the arrows have different effects. The regular dues 15 damage and 25 tears, fire does damage over time and precision does high tear.

If you wish to have this weapon, you need to spend 650 metal shards and a watcher's hearts.

Shadow Tripcaster

The Shadow Tripcaster has 30 handlings and it can set yet again stun, fire and blast traps, each with different effects. Similar to the previous weapons, this one also has 3 modification slots which can be used to increase your damage. It costs 750 metal shards and a scrappers’ heart.

The normal version of the weapon is often used to set tripwire traps.

Shadow War Bow

The Shadow War bow has 50 handling and 3 enchantment slots. In fact, it is very similar to the sling in terms of doing damage - it’s pretty bad at it.

Having said that, this item can also shoot shocks, frost or corruption arrows. The last ones are very interesting because they make enemies attack each other, which can come very handy sometimes.

In order to get this weapon, you will need 800 metal shards and a trampler’s hearth.

Shadow Sharpshot Bow

Every game has its sniper and this is the one in Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only does it do the most damage out of all weapons, but it also comes with 20 handlings and the option to install up to 3 mods on it, which will make it even more deadly.

This weapon can shoot regular, tear or scrap arrows which have different effects. If you want to get it, be ready to leave 800 metal shards and a sawtooth heart.

Shadow Rattler

This item is very similar to a shotgun in other FPS shooters. It blasts bolts in a large spread, leaving devastating damages from a close range. However, being a shotgun type of a deal, it is kind of useless in longer ranger.

The Shadow Rattler has 100 handlings and you can also have up to three modifications on it. There are regular, shock and frost bolts for you to choose from. If you want to get it, you need to spend 950 metal shards and skins from a boar, a rabbit, and a fox.

Shadow Blast Sling

Last, but certainly not least, this weapon uses explosive projectiles which do tons of AoE damage. Apart from having 40 handling, this item also has three modifications.

The grenades which the Shadow Blast Sling uses do tons of damage but have different effects. For example, the impact one does 100 dmg and explodes on hit, the proximity does 75 dmg and explodes when there are enemies around and the fag does 150 dmg and it releases shrapnel.

This weapon is also one of the most expensive ones to buy - 1400 metal shards and a Lancehorn Heart.


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