Hitmarker Announces Follow-up Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Nov 27 2020 3 min read

Almost a year after their incredibly successful debut crowdfunding campaign, Hitmarker opens its doors once more to investors

Esports and gaming job platform Hitmarker was instituted in 2018 with a vision to make the task of finding employees/employers within the video gaming landscape a seamless one. They have done really well for themselves so far especially in November last year when they announced their first crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube and were able to raise a stunning £200,000 ($268,000) in just six days. This was particularly notable as their initial target was a modest £80,000 ($106,000) meaning they were able to smash their target by 250%.

This was a testament to the faith shown in the company's ability to make the most of the funds raised with Hitmarker founder, Phil Huggan noting at the time, “We’ll use the extra £120,000 wisely, by increasing our marketing spend and paying more competitive salaries with the view of dominating the video game industry’s hiring landscape, just as we’ve done in esports."

They have made good on their word, doubling their team to 10 employees and improving their metrics on every possible front. They now have over 75,000 registered users, with over 5,000 of those being hiring companies. They have also been used over 2.5 million times and are well regarded within the video game and esports scene. 

But they can do even more

And this is why they have announced a second round of fundraising with a minimum target of £200,000 of investment in exchange for 4% equity. It is hoped that the success of their first venture will see this goal surpassed by at least 100% and will enable them to expand further and reach new customers. The funds raised this time will go towards hiring an additional 10 staff members over the next two years including two native language content coordinators within the Asia-Pacific region. This is to enable them to create localized platforms in non-English speaking markets including Brazil, Spain, Japan, China, and much more. 

According to Huggan, "We’re asking our 380 existing investors, one million-plus users, and the global esports and video game community to empower us to expand our coverage even further,

“We’re going to create localized platforms for Brazil, Spain, Japan, and China to create the first global professional network dedicated to the video game industry, making it easier than ever to find jobs and hire great talent.”

Hitmarker's latest seed round is currently open to existing investors and platform users. Potential investors will get a chance to own a piece of Hitmarker starting today from 4pm (GMT) and with their track record, this is an offer that might not be on the table for long.

Hitmarker welcomes investments from all parts of the world including Russia and Ukraine in which they already have partners and investors (however investors from Canada, Japan, and the USA might have a problem due to strict securities laws)

Hitmarker shares are of the ordinary variety and investors are privy to voting rights, pre-emption rights, and equal economic rights. In addition, investors can engage with each other and with employees on Discord where they'll receive monthly operational updates. 

If you'd like to learn more, you can visit this link.



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