Highlights of the Nanyang Championships playoffs

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Playoffs of the Nanyang Championships are over and here are highlights of the matches. Enjoy!

The Nanyang Championships playoffs are over and here are highlights of the matches. Enjoy!

MinD_ContRoL's back-to-back Echo Slams shut down Digital Chaos

kaka turns around gank from Vici Gaming with 3-man Supernova

Team Secret trades eight kills for zero against Virtus.pro

EternaLEnVy's tactical feed

BurNIng's ranged creep Nightmare toggle

Cty goes ham on CDEC Gaming

Virtus.pro try to man-fight MATUMBAMAN's Huskar

CDEC Gaming demolish LGD-Gaming in a team fight

BurNIng stands his ground, nets an Ultra Kill

eLeVeN's sensational Tusk plays against Vici Gaming

EHOME win game despite aversion to picking up the Aegis.

Roshan was taken by EHOME at the 8 minute mark but the Aegis was left in the pit. The casters were befuddled as to how such a thing could happen and for such a long period of time, but a few minutes and kills later, the mistake (or not so great bait, we're not sure) was realized.

Later in the game, at 55 minutes, EHOME took another Roshan kill. However, MinD_ContRoL's Clockwerk was in the area; he Hookshot Cty, then casually Force Staffed and walked into the pit and took the Aegis.

And finally, EHOME's game-winning fight against Team Liquid


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