Heroes of the Storm Adds First Nexus-born Hero

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Heroes of the Storm Adds First Nexus-born Hero

A revolution in the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm, which started out like a melting pot for all of Blizzard franchises, is turning into a full-fledged universe of its own. Following this year’s release of three HotS-themed comic books, the company are looking to spice things up with a hero born in the Nexus universe. Orphea, the daughter of the Raven Lord (featured in the Cursed Hollow and the Towers of Doom battlegrounds) is coming to the game.

Orphea is a capable DPS, who relies on area-of-effect spells to dish out massive chunks of damage to the enemy frontline. Offering a wide range of area control abilities, the Heir of Raven Court is soon to be released in Heroes of the Storm, alongside a slew of updates to the game’s core systems. The team also announced old hero reworks, including Stitches and Sylvanas coming in December.

Check out the hero trailer down below:

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