Here is why Arc Warden and the Primordials are still good

Jul 25 2019 3 min read

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Last week’s patch turned everything we knew about the Primordial alliance in Dota Underlords upside down. The synergy got several indirect buffs, making it slightly OP and turning Arc Warden into a cancerous hero present in every game.

Yesterday, Valve addressed it with a new patch by changing the way Primordial alliance works and making Arc Warden a different hero. Let’s check out the Primordial alliance change first:


It’s a nerf but not a colossal one. The mechanics of the alliance affect changed, but the underlying logic is till the same – your enemies skip some attacks. It’s less effective vs heroes that have fast attack speed but work reasonably well during the early-game skirmishes where everything is attacking and dying slowly. You’ll be able to count like five Mississippi’s by the time your Pudge finishes his attack animation vs the enemy Tiny.

In the early-game, you still have your 1-cost selection of units in Razor and Tiny, which can be an independent alliance or a splash with Warriors. In the early mid-game, Primordials are a decent transitional option for Assassins and Warriors, and you can even keep Razor for a Mage-based build, which develops between rounds 15 and 25.

Arc Warden is not cancer anymore. It’s still a solid hero anyway

Here are the Arc Warden Changes:


From the first glance, it seems like Arc Warden was sent back into the dumpster, but it is still a decent hero.


On level 1 it has reliable 80x2 DPS which scales items like Skull Basher and Maelstorm. Heart of Tarrasque also seems to be a solid choice on the new Arc Warden. Players might even figure out boxed-in formations, causing Arc Warden to spawn the copy in the frontline and reliably casting Scythe of Vyse multiple times. Double Dagon is another healthy option.

Arc Warden has a considerable power spike with 2 stars and looks like an excellent pocket strategy on the same level as Dragon Knight in Knights/Mages/Assassins.

Hunters are strong again. 3-Hunters is a viable thing during early- and mid-game

Last week’s patch made Medusa a 5-cost unit which (in conjunction with the player damage change) made leveling her up to 2-star nigh impossible. With the departure of Tidehunter, 6-Hunters turned into an extremely tight composition, which relies on good shop RNG during every phase of the game.

The recent patch flipped Lycan from Warriors into Hunters, which prompts us to revisit the 6-Hunter strategy. The slight Medusa attack damage buff doesn’t heart the composition either.


Lycan in the new alliance creates better conditions for early- and mid-game 3-Hunters splash. Now, you can get Fall From Grace and even secure Heartless pocket while running Lycan + Drow Ranger + Windranger/Sniper.

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