Here is the true reason why Activision Blizzard gave away Destiny 2

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Here is the true reason why Activision Blizzard gave away Destiny 2

Company investors are worried about the shrinking player base and a free game could turn the tide.

Last night Activision Blizzard published a quarterly earnings report that triggered a huge plunge of company’s shares.

Most of the metrics in the report were positive or at least as good as expected, but investors reacted to one critical element — the number of active users.

This quarter the company reported 345 million active users which is a decline from the previous month of 352 million people logging on to the company services. Activision has been losing active users for almost a year and it might seriously cut into profits. It doesn’t mean that the company is in a danger of bankruptcy as it keeps generating money from the existing base. Its current share price is higher than it was any time before 2018.

The quarterly report makes it clear why Blizzard has given away Destiny 2 on PC. The free game should help boost the numbers of active users and eventually calm the investors down. Also keep in mind that PC-version of Destiny 2 is distributed via Battle.Net launcher, which includes games from other major game series like Warcraft, Call of Duty and StarCraft.

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