Hearthstone: SuperJJ becomes champion of SeatStory Cup IV

Nov 16 2015 2 min read
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Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen took the first offline championship for his team in spectacular fashion.

Not even their former star bannerman David “Dog” Caero could accomplish what relative underdog SuperJJ managed to do for his team Complexity on Sunday evening. Although well respected within the professional community, few people likely expected the German to make it all the way to the SeatStory Cup 4 grand finals, especially when the player pool had competitors like world champions Ostkaka and Firebat, as well as ThijsNL, Purple, Orange, StanCifka, Hoej, Xixo, Zalae and more.

Group stage wins over Sjow, ThijsNL, Zalae and Powder qualified Complexity’s player for the playoffs where a rematch against Dan “Frodan” Chou was waiting. It took seven games for SuperJJ to avenge his group stage loss against the caster and another seven to survive the semi finals against another Tempo Storm member Petar “Gaara” Stevanovic. This was where everyone got to experience the potential of newly arrived legendary Reno Jackson with SuperJJ healing up to full health to win a match, much to the surprise of Gaara. The grand final match against StarLadder and DreamHack champion Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka was upcoming.

StanCifka chose to ban SuperJJ’s Paladin for the series, which proved to be arguably his biggest mistake, as the Freeze Mage of his opponent was left open. SuperJJ then proceeded to sweep the former Luminosity super star, ploughing through his entire line-up and pulling off a couple more clutch Reno Jackson plays to coin a final 5-0.

SuperJJ’s triumph in Krefeld marks the first offline gold medal for Complexity gaming. The last time the NA organization even came close to winning a major was at DreamHack Summer this year, where Dog lost a five-set grand final to Xieyu “TiddlerCelestial” Wang.

SuperJJ’s winning decklists:

Freeze Mage
Midrange Paladin
Control Warrior
Midrange Druid



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