Hearthstone: New adventure - "The League of Explorers"

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Blizzard announced new adventure for Hearthstone that is set for release on November 12

This weekend on BlizzCon, Blizzard announced a brand new Hearthstone adventure called "League of Explorers". Check out the general information and trailer of the adventure.

Players will be able to purchase full "The League of Explorers" adventure for $20 USD. The adventure introduces 45 new cards, a new game board, class challenges, and new cards backs.

When you defeat all of a wing, you get that wing's legendary card.

As in previous adventures, users will be able to purchase wings separately for 700 gold or $6.99.

The "League of Explorers" wings:

  • Temple of Orsis
  • Uldaman
  • Stranglethorn Jungle
  • Hall of Explorers

A few cards for your enjoyment:

The rest of the cards can be found here or here.

The "League of Explorers" theme is completely borrowed from the "older brother" World of Warcraft and really familiar to players of the popular MMORPG. Besides, the devs showed the cinematic trailer beautifully crafted specifically for the new adventure. Check it out below:

"The League of Explorers" launches November 12 so farm some gold or you belong in a museum!


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