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The Skulls are a very rare collectible item which can be found throughout the Halo 5: Guardians campaign, which is also one of the most loved ones when it comes down to single-player campaigns. Having said that, these rare items can be used in order to enable different unique gameplay effects which allow the players to add some "color" to their campaign experience. What's more, one or two Skulls can be found in most of the missions, even though not every mission actually has a skull. That said, those missions that actually have a skull a lot more important compared to those who don't. 

Let's take a look at how to find each skull in the respected mission.

Mission 1 - The IWHBYD Skull

You can find a skull even in the very first mission once you start the game. The mission is called Osiris and while you are doing it, you need to reach the doors to the Forerunner security station. Once you go there, hop up onto the ledge just left of the doorway and move further along until you see the IWHBYD Skill near the edge of the cliff.

What this scull does is that it provides you with the chance to understand some of the uncommon languages in the game.  Even though it might not seem like much, it is definitely very useful in certain scenarios.

Mission 2 - Black Eye Skull

During Mission 2, you will play with the Blue Team.  As soon as you deal with the first enemies, you will have a brief period of walking until you reach the Reactor Control Room. After you do that, move to the left of the entrance and just keep walking forward on the path. After a couple of meters, you will reach a square unit that you need to climb on top of. After you're done, you will see a big pipe that will lead you towards a higher ledge at the back of the room. From there, jump to the ledge and then enter the small opening on the left. There will be a metal shutter on the floor in the corner. You need to use your Ground Pound ability in order to smash through it because otherwise, it will be pretty much impossible to go through. As soon as you're done, you will see the Skull in the left corner just waiting for you.

The Black Eye Skull will allow you to regenerate health when attacking enemies, which is very useful in certain situations.

Mission 3 - Iron Skull

The third skull which you can get is in the third mission of the game itself. In order to find it, you need to play on Legendary difficulty, which is very hard to do. However, if you finally manage to do it, get into a scorpion which is parked in one of the garages and nd drive it along with the uphill patch until you reach the Meridian Station Gate. 

There will be some enemies that you have to deal with, which is why you can use your Scorpion to shoot down the Phaeton. Once you do that, the Iron Skull will spawn in one of the three locations in the garage area. The first one is between the two yellow containers which are near the cliffside. 

The second one is located between a couple of containers and it is covered in a green tarp. If you go for this, you should know that there is a small staircase which leads to these containers just above the garage.

Last, but not least, the last location is near the center of the garage area. There is a small rocky thing there with two moveable crates underneath. Once you go there, the skull should be somewhere behind them. 

The Iron Skull has the ability to force players to restart at the beginning of the mission instead of the last checkpoint.

Mission 5 - Blind Skull

The next skull is obtainable in Mission 5: Unconfirmed. While you are doing the mission, you will reach the passage place that leads from the quarry to the indoor mine. There are going to be some nearby crate that you need to jump to get on and then jump to a platform between the pipes that basically runs along with the ceiling. 

Once you do that, just follow the walkway which will lead you to a small crawlspace in the rock wall to locate the Skull. 

The Blind Skill will remove all aspects of the Head-up Display in addition to removing the appearance of your hands and weapons. This means that you will basically have no idea which gun is equipped and how much ammo you have left.

Mission 6 - Thunderstorm Skull

The sixth skull in the game is a lot more difficult to get when you compare it to some of the ones we saw before. It definitely requires a lot of maneuvering. In fact, as soon as you begin Mission six, you need to destroy five traffic cones in the starting area in under two minutes in order to retrieve the Skull at the end of the mission. 

Having said that, the first cone is found along the left path just after you pass the first game early on. There are many ways in which you can destroy it so just choose what you think is best. After you're done, you can continue on the main road until you reach a big garage. Once there, look around and you will be able to see the cone standing there near the staircase. Again, choose a method to destroy it and continue on your path ahead until you see a broken bridge. After this, you will stumble across a large vehicle with six wheels. Pass through it and then just look around until you see what you came for.

After you're done with the stuff above, continue the mission until you reach a very interesting part of it - you need to run to the Pelican. However, once you pass through the hallway there, keep looking on the ground until you see the skull. However, keep it in mind that in order for you to actually see it, you have to destroy all the cones. If you missed out on any of them you won't be able to find anything.

The Thunderstorm Skull makes all your enemies have stronger weapons, which is definitely a bigger challenge for you.

Mission 7 - Grunt Party Skull

Unlike in the previous missions, there are two skulls for you to find in Mission 7. What's more, both of them can be found very early on, which makes this one of the best missions.

The first one is located very close to the canyon where you will find a group of Covenant who seem like talking to each other. Once there, head to the right and go through a narrow cave which will lead to a drop-off. As soon as you get there, you will discover a Grunt who is alone, making him an easy target to take on. Also, he is holding the skull itself, so it is pretty much impossible to miss.

This skill will cause all grunts who are killed with a headshot to burst into confetti. However, if the grunt is killed without a headshot, they will explode like a grenade, which will do a lot of damage to everything close to them. Given proper circumstances, this can be very good.

The second skull in this mission can be found near the very end of it. Once you're done with the Grunt, continue forward until you reach the open area which leads to the gateway. When you are getting close to it, go up a little bit and search for a Forerunner platform structure ahead in order to find the Cloud Skull. 

This Skull ha the power to disable the motion sensor on the HUD, which prevents the player from detecting nearby enemies. In other words, don't bother getting unless you are very good at the game.

Mission 8 - Mythic Skull

Mission eight also has its own skull which is pretty awesome as well. In order to get it, you need to play through the mission until you pass through the ruins beyond the sinkhole. As soon as you go up the stairs which lead outside, turn right and then look for a broken pillar which you can jump on. From there,  all you need to do is to somehow bounce off it and go to the other platform where you'll find the Mythic Skull. If you think that this is too hard, you can also try to just jump and initiate a Ground Pound while flying in order to reach the platform. 

This skull allows your enemies to have twice the health, which is just insane.

Mission 10 - Catch Skull

There are no skulls in mission nine, so we are focusing on the tenth mission of this amazing game called Enemy Lines. Here, you need to fly a Phaeton onto the Kraken, which is definitely easier said than done. However, if you actually manage to get on the Kraken, head down through the passages until you reach the Banshee hangar. There should be a platform just above the green tunnel on the right and the Skull will be there waiting for you.

The Catch Skull is not as dead as the others because it "only" increases the number of grenades that your enemies can carry. There are definitely other skulls which are way more dangerous. 

Mission 13 - Tilt Skull

The tilt Skull is very annoying because it basically reduces the effectiveness of your weapon. This might not seem like a big deal but it definitely has a lot of effects, especially against enemies that are very hard to deal with.

In order to obtain it, you need to go near the bridge where the Warden first appears. From there, jump from the bridge and then climb up the strange-looking structure which is definitely easier said than done. However, if you manage to do it, you will see the Skull near the edge of the cliff.

Mission 14 - Famine Skull

The Breaking is Mission 14 and it also contains one cool skull. In order to get it, you need to go to the Warden first and then head towards the control terminal which is under the platform. From there, turn around and just head into the other passage which is behind that terminal. The Skull will be standing on the ground near the center of the passage, which means that all you need to do is just go and pick it up. 

The Famine Skull will make the weapons which you get from your fallen enemies to have less ammo than before. 

Mission 15 - Tough Luck

The last skull which you can find in the game can be obtained during Mission 15: Guardians. Of course, it is pretty hard because it is the last one, so be prepared. 

As soon as you reach the open area, you need to destroy the cores and then go right toward the location fo the crashed Pelican. Once there, look around a little bit but usually, the Skull is found on a high ledge right to the left of the Pelican debris, near the Gamma Core. 

In order to get there, you need to climb up a lower ledge and then scale the icy steps along the way. After that, just run along the ice and go to the Skull.

The Though Luck Skill will make your enemies a lot more aware of your presence.


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