GWENT Homecoming and Thronebreaker released

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GWENT Homecoming released, Thronebreaker delayed till 2PM CEST

The anticipated CCG based on the Witcher Universe is out if Beta!

CD Project Red yesterday initiated server maintenance for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game ahead of the official release. CCG fans haven’t been able to play their favourite title for more than 24 hours. During the downtime developers updated the player profile page:

Oh, and by the way, all players’ collections are milled, users will receive scraps in return for lost value:

The game has been officially released and is available now players can dive right back into the exciting world of Gwent. If you want to stick around or just need to spend some time waiting for Artifact, it’s a perfect time to try this CCG.

CD Project Red is also releasing ThronebreakerThe Witcher Tales, a story-driven standalone game, which takes place in the Witcher universe. The gameplay of the title revolves around card battles, which makes Thronebreaker a perfect starting point for those, who want to dip their toes into the CCG and have a great time along the way. You can purchase the game on GoG for $15 and play it starting from 2 PM CEST.

If you wonder how the game has changed since Beta, here is a quick recap:


Now there are 2 rows instead of 3, so positioning has become very important.

Factions have been reworked to and got additional leaders to make the strategies more complex.

Decks have a cap in the value of cards, so players, for example, may trade gold cards for more powerful silver or bronze cards.

Starting player has a defensive advantage to balance coin flip.

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