Guide: Best Artifact cards to invest in early

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Best Artifact cards to invest in early

Petrify from Artifact Shark provided a list of versatile cards with very high value

One of the most common questions we hear in Artifact communities is “how much will you invest in the game?” It’s quite hard to answer, especially when we don’t know how Valve will allow the cards to be traded and whether there will be an open market for cards at all.

Mark “Petrify” Fittipaldi released a guide on Artifact Shark with cards he considers the most valuable investments on day 1. So, if there is an open market and you are going to spend more than the initial $20 on the game, the guide should help to get the biggest bang out of your buck.

We will list the cards here and give a brief explanation, and if you want to get the full explanation from Petrify, there will be a link to the original post at the end of this article.

This guide doesn’t include hero cards because the demand on them will be on the lower end. Since you can have multiple copies of each special card and only 1 copy of a hero, the market will be more saturated with heroes. The cards in the lists below are powerful but their strength isn’t always obvious, so they could sell cheap which bolsters our long-term investment.

1. Unearthed Secrets (Rare) 

This card might be slept on for a long time because its effect isn’t very flashy. Nevertheless, Green players should absolutely have 3 copies of it in their decks

2. Time of Triumph (Rare) 

The strongest lategame card. Be ready for your Red opponents to try and close the games with Time of Triumph.

3. Annihilation (Rare) 

Easily one of the best cards in the game. If applied smartly, will turn the tide of the battle.

4. At Any Cost (Rare) 

Play a combination of cards, wait for the opponent to react and unleash this ridiculously low mana spell. At least 1 copy recommended for many types of decks.

5. Conflagration (Rare) 

The card can enable three-turn hero timeouts with decent damage. Petrify recommends holding 3 copies of the card in the deck to have a decent chance to draw it before round 5.

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He also provided 2 lists with "Top 5 Uncommon and Common cards" to invest in from day one:

Top 5 Uncommons

1. Blink Dagger
2. Mist of Avernus
3. Pick Off
4. Aghanim’s Sanctum
5. Compel

Top 5 Commons

1. Stonehall Cloak
2. Bronze Legionnaire
3. Dimensional Portal
4. Foresight
5. Hip Fire

To get the full explanation of Petrify’s choices, see his post on Artifact Sharks here.

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