GTA 5 - Stores and Places you can rob

Aug 30 2019 6 min read

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There are not that many games out there which have the storyline and fanbase of Grand Theft Auto. Every single game of this incredible series always turns out to be a huge hit and GTA 5 is definitely no exception. You can do pretty much everything in this game - from being a loyal citizen of Los Santos to the most hardcore criminal in town. Needless to say, the vast majority of people choose the second option because it is somewhat cooler.

If you are into that type of a game then you are in the right place. Today we will take a look at some of the places to rob. As you are aware, robbing is a very key part of your success in Grand Theft Auto 5. That's why it is a good idea to know where exactly to go because the last thing you want is to fail a robbery (it can go pretty bad, trust me).

Let's take a look at all the different stores and places that can be robbed in GTA 5. Keep it in mind that not every single store is the same. Some of them require a somewhat more specific approach in order to do the job.

Some useful Tips and Tricks for you to use

Every single player loves to exploit a bug in the game. The GTA 5 players are no exception here (me included). It turns out that once you rob a store, you should switch to another character for a  couple of seconds. After that, just return to your original character and you will be able to collect money from the cash registers again. This is a simple and yer super effective method to get some paper.

Always keep an eye on the stores around you especially during the day. There have been many cases where people find stores without any cashier there. As you can imagine, this means that you will be able to get free loot basically, without even "upgrading" your wanted level.

Another cool bug is yet again related to money-making. However, this time it only works when you break the cash containers. If you listen carefully, there is always some sort of a crash sound after which you can collect the money bags from the ground. What you can do here is to go outside the shop, stay for a couple of seconds and you will hear the same sound again, which means that you can just go there and collect more monety bags! Definitely be sure to try this method out because you will be able to make a LOT of money very quickly.

Stores that can be robbed

Now that we cleared the abusing part, let's take a look at the different stores which can be robbed.

  • The first one is a big supermarket which is located in Senora Freeway near Mount Chiliad. Before going there, you need to know that there are two cash registers which have around $1000 in total. As you can see, the sum is not that big but you get for free. After completing the robbery, run to the ocean in order to escape because otherwise, it will be pretty hard.
  • The second place is called Limited LTD Gasoline and it is in Grapeseed Main Street. Similar to the previous one, there are two registers here and a total of $500. Sure, the money is a little bit less compared to the first one but this is dead easy to pull off so it is worth it. Once done, jump into the creek which is nearby and just keep running.
  • Number 3 on our list is another 24/7 Supermarket in Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores. The cool thing here is that you can escape from this place pretty much the way you like it because the cops are very slow and not responsive at all. Sadly, you will only be able to get 200 bucks from here but hey, it's still worth it.
  • The next place is another 24/7 Supermarket which is in Senora Freeway near the Grand Senora Desert. It is very similar to the previous one in terms of escapes. However, you will get around $600, which is a lot more compared to the previous place.
  • Number five is one of the easiest robberies in GTA 5. All you need to do is to go to the Scoop Liquor Barn and take the money from the register. This place is located on Route 68 near the Grand Sona Desert again. In terms of cash, the number here is $350.
  • The next 24/7 Supermarket which you can rob is also one of the most profitable ones. It is located in Barbarino Road in Chumash but unlike the rest, this one has two registers with around $1100 in them, making it very lucrative. However, you need to be very quick and persuasive in your actions because the shop assistant there has some pretty nasty temper and you can literally become the victim if you don't have the correct approach.
    Once you get the cash, run towards the beach and you will escape the incoming cops.
  • Another day, another 24/7 Supermarket, this time in InesenoRoad in Banham Canyon. Similar to the previous one, there are two registers here and $700 to take. However, escaping is a lot easier because the police are pretty slow so you don't need to worry about it.

  • The next place is probably the least advisable store to go to. Despite that, we decided to add it just so show you what to expect. Rob's Liquor store is located in the Great Ocean Highway in Banham Canyon and it only has $100. Yes, $100. Thank God you are not paying for gas in this game because you might end up spending more.
  • There is one very profitable Gas station located in the Tongva drive near Banham Canyon. Similar to some of the places mentioned above, there are two registers here and a total of $1200. Getting the cash is very simple but running afterward can be tricky. The best tactic to take here is to just run towards the hill until you lose the cops which are following you.
  • The next 24/7 Supermarket is located on a pretty cool spot - Clinton Avenue in Downtown Vinewood. There are only two cashiers and the prize is $600 which is pretty cool. However, the place is pretty crowded which makes it kind of tricky do pull off. The good ins that the police is pretty slow so at least you will have enough time to escape.
  • Another amazing gas station is located in Lindsay Circus in Little Seoul. There are two registers again which are easy to take on. In terms of the cash, it kind of fluctuates here but it is in the range of $800-1000. Sadly, the cops are very quick which means that you need to be even quicker if you want to escape. Probably the alleys which are close to this place will be your best hiding option.

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