Group of Death. LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage

Oct 19 2018 5 min read

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A few days ago, we could see a second and a last game day of the Group Stage for such teams as Cloud9, Vitality, Gen. G and RNG. This group was appealed as a “group of death” at the moment of the draft. 

Teams from Europe, North America, China and South Korea met up on a momentous day, full of a breathtaking rollercoaster of ups and downs for the whole group performance. Fans went nuts that day. Guess why?

As predicted, there was only one team with a high chance to take it to the quarterfinals - RNG, who ended up a day one victoriously 3:0. All others were going with a score of 1-2, which left a quite big variety of different endings of the stage. 


When did the Sturm und Drang begin? - With a first win of the day, Vitality was able to show - “You can’t underestimate comfort pocket picks and a macro-game”. Chinese favourites were crushed by Jizuke’s Ryze and Attila's Drrrrrraaaaaven. No matter, how hard did Uzi try to help his team, his Kai’sa was just not strong enough to fight back.

Gen. G vs C9

The further the better. Last year’s champions, Korean Gen. G, had nothing on board to oppose to North American Third Seed. Hilarious outplays and solo kills from Jensen on LeBlanc, turned this game in favour of C9.

Gen. G vs VIT

Like one loss for glorified Koreans was not enough, they met Vitality right after. And SMACK! They were smashed. All except for Jacktroll’s Leona bought themselves a quicksilver sash, to stop worrying about control. CC? - Haven’t heard of that! In the end, Attila killed everybody on his Tristana after a big team fight and finished the game. 

C9 vs RNG

The series of disappointments continued with a game between C9 and RNG. Absolute dominance was shown by an NA representative. An outstanding performance of Licorice and his Shen, who saved his teammates from troubles and never-dying damage dealers, Sneaky and Jensen on Sivir and Syndra, made this game end up with one more point for C9.  

VIT vs C9

At this point, it was time for a match of story-shifter, Vitality and Cloud9. Both of these teams were going with a score of 3:2 and it was a determinative game. The winner takes it all and a possible first seed in the group. C9 picked an extremely useful Zilean for Jensen and this pick became a game-changer, saving his teammates lives and being first to lock a spot in quarterfinals. Unfortunately for European fans, Yamato’s team couldn’t handle the pressure and after a series of critical mistakes, were knocked out from the tournament. Of course, there still was a chance for them to take the second seed in the group with a tiebreaker with RNG. To let this come true, RNG should’ve lost to Gen. G, but Royals didn’t let it happen. 

RNG vs Gen.G

In this match, Royal Never Give Up, showed to all their fans that they truly not willing to give up. They banished Gen.G in the last match in 22 minutes, proving their strength again. It was a clear statement for all other teams: “We are as scary as you think, no losses could’ve changed it”.

RNG vs C9

In the tiebreaker, RNG did compete for the desired victory with C9 one more time and secured their first seed in the dead even final. Even tho, RNG rights the ship, but questions still remain, it wasn’t the best Group Stage for them.

These group shook the League community with teams appearance on the stage, in both, good and bad ways. Some of them completely disappointed their fans with absolute underperformance and the others were able to show a potential and ability to be creative and change from game to game.

Here are my cheers for Cloud9, who did beat the curse of the “Group of Death”, they definitely do deserve their spot. This team proved to us all if you ache to achieve something with all your heart, then go and do everything you can and you will obtain it.! Cheers, C9!

Our tears and condolences go to EU server and team Vitality. The productivity of players and coach was at the highest level, just a little too late. We cherish to see their fantastic games again and anew. Good luck, Vitality!

The biggest disappointment in this group was the poor efficiency from the last year stars - former champions - Korean Gen. G. No doubts, this squad has what to show and to be praised for, but not this year. They couldn’t fastly adapt to new and unexpected picks, as well as unforgivably underestimating their opponents which led to their defeat. Well, hopefully, it will be a lesson for the team next year…

In the post-game interview, Vitality’s head coach Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi shared his thoughts and emotions after such a dramatic day. Doing their absolute best, rookies and veterans of the team, kept their own style and amazed the world. His touching words were about, how grateful he is for all the moments he spent with the team. He truly believes, they can conquer anything and it’s just a beginning. He also left a message for other European teams remained in the tournament, to stop chasing Korea and China. Just get your own inspiration and bring your own philosophy, don't copy anyone and play confidently! 

So here we are, having two amazing teams in quarterfinals, Cloud9 and Royal Never Give UP, and they are ready to continue their Rise.

P.S. Cloud9 committed they like Fortnite.


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