Granblue Fantasy Versus version 1.31 patch notes available

Apr 27 2020 5 min read

Granblue Fantasy Versus version 1.31 patch notes available ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

With Zooey just around the corner, it's time to take a peek at the new changes that will be coming to Granblue Fantasy: Versus alongside her. 

Patch 1.31 brings changes to the game's entire roster, but some more than others. Besides Zooey, it will also provide players with 2 RPG Mode chapters, a new stage, and a couple of lobby avatars. As usual, the patch notes were released in Japanese first, but GREATFERNMAN saves the day once more with English translations. 

Here's a look at the Granblue Fantasy: Versus version 1.31 patch notes:


Here we have adjustments that make the game function as intended, such as reducing the window for early inputs, removing the ability to cancel guard crush under certain circumstances, and the prevention of specific proximity option selects. 

Adjustments were also made to prioritize a quarter-circle-forward command when performing a half-circle forward command., to ensure proper technical inputs. Moves associated with down inputs will no longer work if the player doesn't press down or isn't in neutral. 


As far as the general roster changes go, characters that are attacked before their projectiles come out will no longer send out that projectile. Gran, Katalina, and Lancelot also received impactful nerfs, with the latter being the biggest loser, but Lancelot has needed some nerfs for a while now anyway. On the other hand, Percival, Lowain, and Zeta saw fewer changes than most in this patch.


Both Gran's auto combos will now be considered grounded and cancelable. Catastrophe's easy input had its advantage on a close hit reduced, and Gran will no longer be able to charge his power raise during the Skybound Art and Super Skybound Art cutscenes.


This top tier character receives a 200 damage nerf to Medium Enchanted Lands, with increased recovery for both Close Standing Light and Medium. Far Standing Heavy's cancel window is now smaller, while it's forward hurtbox after her active frames end has been increased. 


Holy Ladder's descending portion now has the same Clash level as Close Standing Light, while her auto combo followup has a slower startup. EX Shining Onslaught gets a damage reduction of 200 and a reduced clash level, with Noble Strategy no longer allowing additional inputs other than down and neutral.


The icy knight loses a lot with this patch. His standing hurtbox when walking backward has been increased along with the recovery for Close Standing Medium, and the recovery after landing for Airborne Wirbelwind. EX Blade Impulse now has a slower startup while the active frames for EX Wogenstrom’s fireball have been shortened, and projectiles will find it harder to pass through each other. Light and Medium Turbulenz had their recovery decreased in the event it hits, and no more additional inputs after execution besides down and neutral. 


Medium and EX Platzen (easy input) now send the opponent further away from Percival upon hit, while Lohenwolf (easy input) gets a slight reduction on hit.


Recovery for Close Standing Light and Far Standing Light has increased. The hurtbox for backward walking and Spot Dodge Roll, including all Standing and Crouching states have been enlarged. EX Elegant Lariat, including the dash version, lose 200 damage, while Jewel Resort Screwdriver now has the same frame advantage against every character.


Her auto combo followup is now slower, while Zephy will no longer launch in the wrong direction. They also fixed an issue with the direction of the arrow in The Great Fall. Additionally, Metera’s Close Standing Medium recovery has been increased just like Starry Sky, making it hard for projectiles to pass through it.


The second hit of Lowain’s auto combo is now cancelable, with the third hit adjusted to accommodate this.  Magnificent Tool of Destruction will also not come out using technical input if he is not in neutral or down.


Ferry has quite a few changes that range from increased recovery for Far Standing Medium to her Far Standing Light hurtbox increasing. The clash level of Far Standing Heavy and Crouching Unique have also been decreased, while EX Beppo, Sic 'Em! has a slower startup. Whip It Good and Heel will now have a uniform frame advantage against all characters and Geegee, Get 'Em! (Technical Input) will no longer allow inputs other than down or neutral.


Her Air Skybound Art will no longer land mid first hit but instead, will hit until the final hit. Zeta’s Super Skybound Art will still have 2000 damage on the first hit, but subsequent hits will do 500.


Knockback on both Jumping Medium and Jumping Heavy has been reduced, while Light Battalions of Fear gets a damage buff of 100, and Close Standing Medium’s recovery has increased. Bloody Moon will no longer occasionally have the second hit connect twice.


Langelaan Field will now send opponents further away while Black Flies technical input is more accurate, and his auto combo input priority has been decreased. The advantage time on Black Spear (easy input) has been reduced, with Anthem’s (easy input) frame advantage also decreased.


Narmaya’s Setsuna’s hurtbox at the start of the move is now smaller, with both Absolute Horizon and Mugenkagura now moving slightly forward at their beginning. One Hundred Cloudscapes’ easy input will now have a marginally lower advantage on hit, while Light and Medium Crescent Moon have their recovery after landing reduced.


Impact Knuckles gets a 100 damage increase, and its technical input is now more accurate. Way of the Fundoshi Fist’s BGM will now play as intended, and if the second hit lands, Soriz will now be invincible until the cinematic ends.


Reginleiv will now have more accurate technical input, while Overdrive Surge should no longer be chargeable during her Skybound Art and Super Skybound Art. Eternal Ascendancy will also no longer use the super gauge twice, and Skyfall will now receive the appropriate damage when blocked or endured using Super Armor. 

You can find GREATFERNMAN' s full translation for Granblue Fantasy: Versus versions 1.31 here


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