Granblue Fantasy Versus sells 150,000 copies in two days

Feb 10 2020 2 min read
Arc System Works

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The latest fighting game to enter the FGC, Granblue Fantasy Versus is off to a great start. Currently only available in Asia, the game sold over 150,000 units in two days.

That's higher than the Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter V copies sold in their respective launch weeks. That is 69,000, 58,000, and 41,000 respectively. However, while these other games quoted sales in just Japan, Granblue Fantasy Versus' numbers include sales in China and the rest of Asia. Not exactly a fair comparison. 

Even though many fans weren’t happy with the DLC plans for the game, it’s still received a lot of hype, both before and post-launch. Its no wonder that every major fighting game event seems to have Granblue Fantasy Versus on its list of main tournaments, like Brussels Challenge 2020, Final Round 2020, EVO 2020, and Combo Breaker 2020. Arc System Works even made it one of the titles for their competitive circuit before the game launched. 

Yet, the game’s competitive scene is likely another reason why it has sold so well, so soon. Although Granblue Fantasy Versus launched in Asia on February 6, the game doesn’t arrive in North America till March 3, giving Asian players a month-long headstart to train and get good at the game. It’s nothing new for fighting game players to pick up a game in another language. The story means little when you’re making a career of the game, and the internet is always there to help them figure out what the complicated menus mean. 

With Granblue Fantasy Versus, Arc System Works made things even more accessible by providing English text and voice options for the game. This smart decision removes all the main barriers of playing, meaning many Western players have contributed to the present sale numbers. 

Granblue Fantasy Versus is currently exclusive to Playstation 4 but could appear on other platforms in the future. It will be interesting to see how many copies are sold by the game’s NA release and how well it sells in that region afterward.  


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