Gold Series. Week #3. Day #3

Oct 01 2017 5 min read
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Hello tankers! The matches of Gold Series are continuing, and the third week is coming to its logical conclusion. Today will be the games of the 6th round, and it is important for all teams to score points.

But let’s say a few words about the past matches:

Cascade eSports 0:5 Rostselmash

In the review we have talked about the fact that Cascades will not be able to impose a tough fight for the ‘tractor drivers’, but no one could have thought that everything would be so simple. KycoK_Ov4arku and the company does not want to lose points in light matches, and therefore will bring each individual fight to the victory. After the triumph in the match against the team Rush, the guys felt the taste of blood and the approaching of the lan-finals, so to such meetings they will be approached as responsibly as possible not to lose their advantage due to underestimation of their enemies.

IMPACT Gaming 2:5 Unique

In the past, we said that Unique is still too early to be named favorites in such fights. But the audience could watch a meeting of really different teams in the class. IMPACT Gaming lost on their own skill, often clamped on the maps and gave the initiative, which was excellently used by ‘Unique.’ In two battles IG was not ashamed to go beyond the defensive line, and it were two rounds where the team expected success. You need to be less afraid of your opponent and better prepare yourself individually. We can only praise ‘Unique’ this season..

Not So Serious 5:2 Brain Storm

In this confrontation, no one expected a fight, but Ruinberg suddenly ended with a score of 2:0 in favor of the ‘brains.’ However, the intrigue quickly left the match: NSS took a round for the round and got the simplest three points in their piggy bank.


Tornado Energy on the first line is followed by Unique, NSS and Rostselmash, which have 12 points each. We will clarify that the ‘Unique” has had one meeting less. At the fifth place is the Rush team. Behind them there are IMPACT Gaming, Cascade eSports and Brain Storm.

Sunday’s matches

17:00 MSK. Brain Storm (2.861) vs IMPACT Gaming (1.249)

And here come very strange coefficients, considering yesterday’s IMPACT Gaming’s Himmelsdorf and yesterday’s Brain Storm’s Ruinberg. The teams are equal and absolutely everyone wants to fulfill the minimum task - to save the slot in the Gold Series.

Brain Storm understand that they need to beat IMPACT Gaming or Cascade. Therefore, they need to try their best. I would not bet on IMPACT Gaming in this match, because this is a big risk and the coefficient clearly is not worth it.

18:30 MSK. Cascade eSports (4.946) vs Unique (1.055)

I do not want to write a lot about this match, but I do not think that Unique will relax. The team is on the second place in the league, and in the second round they again have to play against NSS, Rush and Tornado Energy, and no one can guarantee a positive outcome of these games. If you can get points in a simpler way, then do not give a slack; you just need to do your job. If now theoretically ‘Unique’ will win, and Rush will lose against Tornado, Unique will have a gap of 9 (!) Points from the fifth place. And this means only one thing - they can lose three games and still get to the lan-finals. With the outcome of today's match described above, it will be enough for them to beat Brain Storm, Cascade eSports and IMPACT Gaming again, and then wait for the misfires of the Rush, or just once to catch on the tie-breaker in the match. Such a series of victories can not be interrupted in such fights, so the ‘Unique’ should easily beat Cascade with a score of 5:0 or 5:1.

20:00 MSK Tornado Energy (1.251) vs Rush (2.851)

Many times I wrote about this match, as about derby and confrontation, where everything will be solved by a number of separately taken factors. But today is clearly not the case.

Tonight one of the bookmakers gave Rush the coefficient 4.26, which is a record for the entire existence of this team and for tank’s eSports rates.

Maybe the guys do not have enough motivation, maybe they just got tired of playing with each other, or maybe just newcomers are so good, but with each season this team "grows old". This is probably normal, you can not always be a champion.

But I would not bet on Tornado Energy in this match. Still, ex-Na'Vi no longer have the ability to lose and defeat in this match with a high probability will not let them join the lan-finals (or it makes this task as difficult as possible).

We hope that Rush will come together and give battle. We want, that there was a tie-break and 2014 has a little bit returned..

Well, if Anatolich and the company can not win, then we can say with confidence that the online part is owned by Tornado Energy. Yes, and lan, most likely, too, since RSM, Unique and NSS will go to the offline ending, which has much less experience at similar events. Although, we hope that organizations will be able to prepare bootcamps and quality training process.



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