Gold Series. Round #8

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Gold Series review

Hello tankers! Today is Sunday, which means that the next round of Golden Series is coming to the end. Unique continued to surprise yesterday, but here we are waiting for much less surprises.

As we predicted, there is nothing to expect from Cascade eSports and Tornado Energy match. Neskwi and the company continue the season perfectly, but so far they are still outperformed by Unique.

Nobody understands how do they do it in the new season, but Unique literally broke their achievements from the past matches. This time Not So Serious team was not so lucky. They lost on Cliff in 6vs3 situation. Unique cling to every opportunity and they don't feel inclined to step away from it..Great game, great season! Keep it up, guys!

In this match we also did not predict any intrigue, but Brain Storm started quite well. The third map began with a 2:2 score, but it was clear that the ‘brains’ were close to giving up. It’s rather strange that we are even questioning the strengths and abilities of Rush this season, despite the fact that they have strengthened their roster. We hope that guys will still get to the top 4, because it will not be so interesting without them.

17:00 MSK: Brain Storm (1.991) vs Cascade eSports (1.544).

The battle of the outsiders of the championship, and one of the last chances to get points for the Brain Storm and to receive a slot in the Masters Tournament. This is the Extended Season and who knows what will happen next. If we talk about the chances, then in the last match Cascade eSports beat the ‘brains’ but with other rivals they do not show themselves at all. Brain Storm is also trying to do something and to win the rounds. I would not bet on this match, because anything can happen here.

If we talk about the personal preferences, then I will give a small plus for the BS, given their tag and achievement in recent seasons. Unfortunately, this team fell apart after The Grand Finals. But this is their choice.

18:30 MSK: Rush (1.16) vs IMPACT Gaming (3.4)

Unexpectedly high coefficient, and this is probably due to the problems of Rush this season and in yesterday’s match against Brain Storm.

Rush has to win such matches and prepare for them very scrupulously, in order not to lose points again.

20:00 MSK: Tornado Energy (1.20) vs RSM (3.11)

In the last match Tornado Energy was stronger with the 5:3 score, but there was a warm-up and the first match. Teams had a lot of time for preparation. Now the league is moving forward very quickly. There is not enough time for training, so often the ability to make decisions and teamplay influence the victory. In these two components Tornado can only be compared to Unique (we are waiting for this match with impatience). Let’s see what RSM will show today. We wish them less strange boosts and more successful shooting, because the team really consists of experienced and good players who can easily shoot their enemies.

We hope that the intrigue will remain at least until the 4th map.


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See you in the fields of tanks' eSports, bro!


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