God of War - Where to find frozen flame? - Frozen Flame Locations

Jul 04 2019 3 min read

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God of War is the most popular game for the PlayStation and it is for a reason. Apart from proving countless hours of joy, there are also many tasks in the game which are interesting. Whether you will just roam around and kill stuff or follow your tasks, it is totally up to you. However, if you are interested in upgrading this weapon, this one is for you.

The Frozen Flame is a very important material in God of War. It is mainly used for enhancing your might starting weapon - The Leviathan Axe. Having said that, there are only a couple of Frozen Flames available, which makes this reagent very desirable and needed. 

Naturally, all players will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. However, it will be very hard if you just roam on your own in order to find it. That’s where this guide comes in handy because we will show you all the locations from which you can gather the Frozen Flame.

So, where to find them?

The interesting part is that as soon as you get your first one, the game tells you that they are “generated through the battle”. On theory, this should mean that the Frozen Flame is basically a random drop whenever you kill stuff. However, the reality is very different because those reagents tend to drop from the various boss and/or mini-boss fights. Apart from that, all Frozen Flames basically drop from enemies which are part of the story-focused fights. That makes it pretty hard to miss, even if you wanted them to.

Location #1

The first Frozen Flame will be seen once you meet one of the dwarf brothers. When you do that, he will introduce the crafting mechanics to you. Finally, part of this tutorial actually includes a part where he hands you your first Frozen Flame.

Location #2

The second location is located near the Foothills. There, you will be doing a story quest where a Huge Troll will attack you. As soon as you defeat him, you will be rewarded with another Frozen Flames. 

Keep it in mind that this actually happens pretty late in the story. But other than that, it is fairly easy to get, you just have to wait a little bit more.

Location #3

When you get into the Heart of the mountain and you get the crane to work inside of it, a Troll will come out and you will have to fight him yet again. Similar to the previous Frozen Flame, you will get it as soon as you kill him, alongside other loot of course.

Location #4

This Frozen Flame can be acquired at the end of the main mission called “The Magic Chisel”: After you deal with the boss, he will drop the precious item.

Location #5

The final and most important Frozen Flame is only available once you complete all the quests in the main story. As soon as you’re ready, head back to the blacksmith shop where you can purchase the item. However, in order to do so, you will need to have a Chilling Mist of Niflheim.

You can get this precious item once you defeat all the enemies in the Nilfheim Mists sub area. There, you will find a chest, which will provide you with the Chilling mist.


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