GimR calls Byleth viable

Feb 04 2020 2 min read

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Byleth's arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was met with lukewarm reception due to the presence of seven other Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters already in the game. Fans were disappointed because they were expecting a completely new fighter to join the roster. 

Following Byleth's release, though, some pro players have taken an interest in the new character, like Fall 2019 PGRU #1 and #14 players, Leonardo "MKLeo" Lopez and Eric "ESAM" Lew. While the former is considering adding the character to his stable of counter picks, ESAM seems just to be having fun with Byleth as the character archetype isn't one he plays often. 

Prominent content creator, VGBootCamp founder, and tournament organizer, Calvin "GimR" Lofton has also taken an interest in the new fighter, and he's come up with a verdict. "Byleth is a good character." 

Sharing his opinion on Twitter, it comes as no surprise that his view of the character isn't wholly accepted. Fall PGRU Area 51 player ,  William "Leffen" Hjelte, in particular, disagreed with him. Pointing out that Byleth isn't a good choice in top-tier matchups. His statement prompted GimR to provide a bit more clarification, stating that the character, although not top tier, is still a viable pick.  

Byleth earned GimR’s respect partially due to their ability to reach a majority of the entire playable area from center stage in just a matter of seconds without losing stage control. It’s an impressive feat but not worth much in Leffen’s opinion since the character is still vulnerable to fast-paced characters. 

This narrative and others like it will probably continue across the Smash community until a pro player like MkLeo can produce consistently excellent results at tournaments. Otherwise, Byleth will remain unappreciated by the majority of Smash fans. Once version 7.0.0 tier lists start appearing in the coming weeks, we’ll be able to get a better picture of what the more pros think about Byleth right now. 


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