Ghost Recon Breakpoint: AI Teammates

Oct 09 2019 2 min read

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the latest game of this immortal series which has other notable titles such as Wildlands for example. The games first released on October 4, 2019, and you can play it on a PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, if you want to try in Google Stadia, you need to wait until November 2019. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an open-world shooter that is set in Auroa, a fiction world full of surprises. Unlike the previous game of the series, you have four different classes to choose from and each one of them is unique. 

Ai teammates

Since this is a tactical shooter, it was mainly designed to play with other people. In fact, Ubisoft even announced that they will not include AI teammates as an option in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Needless to say, this faced a huge community backlash because if a player does not have with whom to play or just does not want to play with random people, he must play alone.

Seeing the reactions from the players, Ubisoft announced that they will bring back AI teammates for solo players. However, the exact date when this is going to happen still remains a mystery. It should be implemented "during the first year of the game", which is a really bold statement because this is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. The entire idea of removing the AI makes absolutely no sense, to begin with, but it seems like the devs were tried to "force" players to play together more. Hopefully, we will be able to see this feature back very soon. 

That said, regardless of whether you have AI teammates or not, you need to have the proper weapons in order to have any chance in this game. If you are looking for a guide on which are some of the best weapons currently available, look no more! Be sure to read THIS and see for yourself which type of weapon will fit your class and playstyle. Just keep it in mind that as soon as the new updates kick in, you will have to look at the changelog again in order to make the best choice for that given time.


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