Get a free loot crate for PUBG

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Amazon and Twitch Prime gives a free PUBG crate

Having an Amazon Prime account connected to Twitch provides a lot of benefits to gamers. Ad-free stream viewing and free in-game stuff. This time Amazon gives players a Jungle Crate for PUBG (PC version only). 

Jungle Crate includes:

  • Explorer Hat

  • Tiger Print Bandana

  • Explorer Coat

  • Leopard Print Vest

  • Explorer Knickers

  • Leather Boots

  • Croc Bite Weapon Skin

  • Bengal Blade Weapon Skin

To get your PUBG gifts, just visit Twitch and click the crown button next to the search bar. This pops up a dropdown menu where you'll find a link to access your free Jungle Crate. Prime members can grab free crate till September 17.

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