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Jan 04 2019 2 min read

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It’s nice to start a new year with a new game, especially if you get to play it for free. An action 1v1 strategy game called Batalj is in open beta throughout January. The game mechanics are inspired by XCOM, and the graphics remind of Overwatch.

The game has 9 unique heroes and 54 diverse units which are assembled in squads to fight with each other. The battles take place in turns that get resolved simultaneously which isn’t a conventional solution for the XCOM-like games.

In December the developers of Batalj, a Swedish studio called Fall Damage rolled out closed beta that lasted till the end of the month. Now they have decided to expand the testing period and invite new players. Here is how Fall Damage CEO Dan Vaderlind explained the decision of his team:

Shutting down the Closed Beta at New Year’s Eve didn’t feel like the right thing to do considering our active dialogue with our community that keeps getting better and better. Instead, extending the Closed Beta to the end of the month with a huge update coming in the second week of January including a new map, new units, and new heroes. We’re excited to see how the meta changes.

To get that free beta key you need to go to the official website of the game and do two things: follow the game on Twitter (an app authorization is required) and sign up to a newsletter (you’ll also need to agree to the terms of use).

There is no information regarding the cost and the monetization system of Batalj yet.


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