Gen.G win DreamHack Open Anaheim in a flawless victory

Feb 24 2020 2 min read

Gen.G win DreamHack Open Anaheim in a flawless victory ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Assigned to Group B of the DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 CS:GO tournament, Gen.G defeated ENCE and Complexity Gaming to advance to the Playoffs. FURIA Esports and North also made it to the next stage from Group A. 

In the Playoffs, the North American team Defeated North 2-0 in the Semifinals to face FURIA Esports in the Grand Finals. High on their victories, Gen.G took the first map, Nuke, which happened to be FURIA Esport’s pick. Gen.G won the first pistol round on the CT side and went on to secure the half, the second pistol round, and then the map at 16-7. 

Determined not to let Gen.G walk all over them, FURIA Esports tried hard to take Inferno. However, the Americans had the economic advantage, which they used to win the half 10-5. Backed into the corner, FURIA Esports closed the gap in their attack and also secured the pistol round. From this point, the teams went back and forth, which led to overtime, but Gen.G eventually managed to close the map at 19-15. 

Here are the DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 final standings:

# Team Prize
1st Gen.G $50,000 + DH Masters Jönköping
2nd FURIA Esports $20,000
3rd-4th Complexity Gaming $10,000
3rd-4th North $10,000
5th-6th Endpoint $3,000
5th-6th MIBR $3,000
7th-8th forZe $2,000
7th-8th ENCE $2,000

Being their first LAN, Gen.G defied all expectations, to win not just the $50,000 prize but also a spot at the upcoming June event, DreamHack Masters Jönköping 2020. There they will compete against 15 teams for a total prize pool of $250,000.  


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