Gaming Tent accused of not paying prize money from 2019 Tekken event

Jul 28 2020 3 min read
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Over the weekend, Bahraini fighting game pro, Sayed "Tekken Master" Hashim Ahmed accused the Gaming Tent 2019 tournament organizers of not paying any prize money to the winners of their tournament.

According to Tekken Master, Gaming Tent failed to pay the winners of all their tournaments and not just Tekken. These other games include Rocket League, Mortal Kombat, and Super Smash Bros. Tekken Master also stated that all attempts to communicate with the organizers had led nowhere, hence his decision to bring the situation to the awareness of the community.

Tekken Master's words were corroborated by other parties related to the event. Players such as the Tekken champion Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique, third-place winner Hassan "Federer" Abulhassan, NRS player Baraa "Shark Teeth" Al Jaadi, and more, backed up Tekken Master's claims. Tekken second-place winner Marwan "Shrimboo" Ghilan called attention to another event, True Gaming Invitational 2019, that is also still yet to payout its prizes. A tournament with one of the largest prize pools in Tekken history, True Gaming Invitational 2019 allegedly owes $110,000 in prize money. Between both events, Tekken legend Byeong Mun "Qudans" Son alone is due over $60,000.

Here's a list of all the affected Tekken players from both events:

Gaming Tent 2019

  • 1. vSlash | Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique

  • 2. Marwan "Shrimboo" Ghilan

  • 3. O.T.W. | Hassan "Federer" Abulhassan

  • 4. UPT | Abdulrazzaq

  • 5. SFGC | JinJeddah

  • 5. Byeong Mun "Qudans" Son

  • 7. O.T.W. | Ayman "CallMeNoob" Aljasas

  • 7. SFGC | Madwolf

True Gaming Invitational 2019

  • 1. Byeong Mun "Qudans" Son

  • 2. ROX | Seong-ho "Chanel" Kang

  • 3. ROX | Jae-Min "Knee" Bae

  • 4. Sari "Sora" Al-Jefri

  • 5. O.T.W. | Ayman "CallMeNoob" Aljasas

  • 5. SFGC | Madwolf

  • 7. Ghassan "Ghassan" Khurais

  • 7. vSlash | Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique

Mohammad "Bertkane" Al Humood, who manages a couple of the affected players, appears to be in talks with the Saudi Arabian Federation For Electronic & Intellectual Sports to see how the matter can quickly be resolved. Other members of the community have also rallied behind the players in their time of need.

Like many of the now traditional sports, esports has fought hard to gain the respect of society and earn its place as a thriving industry. However, it appears that it may still be plagued with individuals that stall the hands of progress through unsavory practices.

While it's unclear how the story will unfold, the attention these cases have gained should pave the way for an amicable solution.


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