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Jan 27 2019 11 min read

Game Of The Year: WePlay! Edition ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

We know that you've been waiting for this - our top of 2018 games. Our editors combined their opinions and compiled a list of games that showed themselves in the best way in 2018. The rating is based on personal impressions, contains many quotes from editors and journalists personally, and may not coincide with your opinion. However, we'll be delighted if you share with us your “2018 games” in the comments.

Take a big pack of popcorn or chips and something to drink, sit back in your favourite chair, and get ready to dive into the personal world of our editorial staff.

What were our team impressed with in 2018?

1st place: God of War

The game has become the undisputed leader in the voting. No, not unanimously, but with a large number of votes, this game takes precedence in our ranking. Those of you, who have already completed the game and were able to appreciate it, isn't surprised at all by our choice, right? However, if you read the entire rating, you can learn a lot of interesting and worthwhile games.

Millions of words were spoken about God of War. We think that every gamer had the opportunity to hear about it more than once in 2018. God of War deserved the “Game of the Year” award at The Game Awards 2018, and also received 2 more awards: “Best Action/Adventure Game” and “Best game direction”. Moreover, the actor Christopher Judge, who voiced Kratos, was also awarded the “Favorite Voice Actor” award at Gamers’ Choice Awards 2018. Just see how the hall reacted on Christopher Judge's cue at the The Game Awards ceremony.

Some Reddit users even expressed their own theories why Kratos doesn't call Atreus by name often. If you've already completed the game, you understand why the championship is given to it. If not, then "run [and play it], you fools". Or you could watch the passage on Youtube at least.

Arseny Kuzminsky: I finished God of War twice in a few months - this is a plus and a minus of the game. As the developers recently stated, there were plans for massive DLC. But there were not enough physical and financial capabilities, and it’s a pity. I bought the game in the first minutes of release in the store, and I was ready to pay for the DLC comparable the game's epic. Because I believe Sony Santa Monica. GoW is theatrical, graphically breaks the patterns, and the relations of the two main characters touch an order of magnitude higher than the "problem of fathers and children" with Geralt and Ciri.

Ivan Demenok: It so happened, that the RPG genre is best suited not only for a full-fledged work of art but also accelerates immersion into the universe and the in-game player experience to the maximum. What could be more interesting than the exciting story lived by the user in the spectacular scenery, built with the latest technology and design ideas? A new look at the masculine image of the protagonist, the gameplay, the aesthetics of the beard and the effectiveness of the father’s slight slap. We spice it all up with a sharp plot twist and get God of War: a game that can preserve the personality and love of the players even under the pressure of a horses herd from the Wild West.

2nd place: Red Dead Redemption 2

It isn't the “unexpected choice” number 2. Rockstar Games blew up the Internet and the gaming world with its masterpiece, and we'll be generous with such loud words. The game is gorgeous. Everything from the charismatic heroes, the depth of the plot, the detailing of the costumes, the environment, the story, and the excellent atmosphere of the wild west. Everything is excellent. You shouldn’t just read about this game, but urgently go and play it. Moreover, the joy of immersion in the harsh realities of cowboys can be shared with friends online (with some bugs, but still - a very worthy option).

At the result of 2018, the game also collected many prestigious awards, including the Critics' Choice Award at the Golden Joystick Awards ceremony, even Best Narrative, Best Audio Design and Best Score/Music at The Game Awards 2018 ceremony.

3rd place: Marvel's Spider-Man

The Spidey from Marvel was one of the most anticipated games of 2018, and he didn’t let us down. The game has received many awards, including Best Console Game and Best Action/Adventure Game at Game Critics Awards 2018, as well as three another awards (Fan Favorite Action Game, Fan Favorite Single Player Gaming Experience, Fan Favorite Character of the Year) at Gamers' Choice Awards. Although, these trophies don’t convey the importance of the game for our editorial staff. Here’s our opinion, after which you’ll probably want to buy the game or watch it on the already mentioned YouTube if you still don’t know anything about it.

Dmitry Lapunov: 2018 has brought us a lot of cool stuff, but there's one particular game that is really close to my heart. I'm speaking of Marvel's Spider-Man, and it was definitely the most entertaining and joyful new title I've played through 2018. Not only because it's a great action/adventure on its own - but also a source of heartwarming nostalgia. I'm a huge fan of Spider-Man cartoon series back from the 90s, and this game gave me a feeling very close to this TV show. The overall web-swinging thing, Peter's sense of humour, iconic villains, small details like talking to New-York citizens, etc. - the game felt just like the cartoon series, just like the comic books. This a big deal for a Spidey fan like me, so Marvel's Spider-Man is definitely worth of Game of 2018 title for me.

Arseny Kuzminsky: Spider-Man won my heart with love, with which the creators made the characters, the plot and flying on the web. Despite some rather apparent drawbacks, Insomniac Games was able to melt my heart: thanks to the franchise, the hero and the care with which the developers took up the fan base. Excellent work, worthy game, but I won’t return to it in a few years, as to MGS5 or The Witcher 3.

Several games in the voting scored an equal number of points, so they get the title of "People's Choice Award".


The card game from the gaming giant Valve, which eclipsed the old boys like Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering, and also caused a lot of controversies, is worthy of a place in our top of games of the year. Two rounds of our wildly fun and emotional WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad is the proof of that. If you suddenly (in some magical, completely inexplicable and not amenable to apologise for the way) stayed away from the events of the tournament, then here is a reference for you (Strength and Agility) - go and get acquainted with the game. Although Artifact is still a very young and green”, it has many fans around the world and all the improvements, tournaments are still ahead. 


A small but vibrant platformer from Spanish developers Nomada Studio. Translated from the Spanish "gris" means "gray." The main character of the game is looking for something important, without which her whole life has become just gray. The game is not just a “jumper on locations and levels,” but a combination of plot depth, thoughtful graphics and original presentation of events with the help of a smart soundtrack and visual information. There is no dialogue or narration in the game, everything is perceived at the level of emotions. And this is definitely not a game for fans of the action, shooters or fighting games. It takes a few hours of free time when no one bothers - all social networks and gadgets are disabled - there is only you and the game. Are you intrigued? Then watch the trailer, and we strongly advise you to try this game personally in order to see the great work of the artists and designers with your own eyes. I personally didn’t play it yet, but after getting acquainted with the video, this game appeared on the list for passing (the fans of the Hayao Miyazaki’s worlds will understand me).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance   

The debut of the Czech Warhorse Studios and the creator of the classics Mafia and Mafia 2 Daniel Vavra. The game, which was created and continues to produce by the team of very creative, funny and friendly people under the supervision of an extraordinarily talented game designer Vavra. Although it's tough to give only one definition to this man since he is “Jack of all trades” in his company.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out as expected with the rich Czech color of those times. It combines humor, elements of the “survival game” (do not forget to eat, sleep and repair your belongings), and a lot of various quests. Weeding, for example, or finding food for the spoiled nobility - you obviously didn’t try this in real life, eh? So, the game will give you this opportunity. The developers continue to improve the game’s world daily, releasing patches and DLCs. Three full-size DLCs have already been released, and two more are expected. We’re sure: the game’s sequel will be equally exciting.

Arseny Kuzminsky: It’s the audience prize from me. I've been waiting for the most authentic and realistic medieval action RPG for many years. Everything is fun in it: the battles, the plot, home life, even the bugs. It’s quite beautiful game and there is something to do at the same time, despite the empty forests.


Yes, the game wasn’t released in 2018, but in the middle of 2016. However, according to the number of hours spent in 2018 in this game, several people from our team considered the game worthy of inclusion in the rating. The game is known even to those who are far from multiplayer entertainment. How many of you have not heard about the Soldier 76’s coming-out or about the events held in the game every season? In Overwatch, you can enter and completely disappear from real life for a few hours, I guarantee. Especially if you find a company of friends to hang with them in the fight for rank or winning another game map.

Vladislav Katunin: the runner-up for me is Overwatch, considering the amount of time I sank into it this year and the fact it managed to stay relevant for more than two years right now. 

There are also games that are worthy of your attention in our ranking. They don’t occupy a certain place in the top itself, but occupy a separate place in the life and heart of our colleagues. Therefore, they’ll tell you about these games themselves.

Detroit: Become Human

Albina Krugliak:  I’m amazed that no one mentioned this PS4 exclusive. The game left indelible impressions and caused an ocean of various emotions. I won’t give any spoilers - the game must be passed by everyone who calls himself a gamer. An exception can be made only to those players who reject the interactive cinema genre entirely. For me personally, the game ranked second place among the 2018 games (after God of War). This indescribable world of androids - deviants and solutions, where each of your sneezes changes the plot and the end to which you’ll be lead with a number of these decisions. The excellent graphics, implemented by Quantic Dream at the highest level, was fascinating, and also superbly deep plot, the game’s atmosphere and deep psychology of characters’ emotions. It's like a book in which you lead the plot and decide each characters’ step. The words don’t describe the impressions of the game - please, pass it yourself or see the gameplay on Youtube (unfortunately, it won’t give you a complete picture, because it’s not you who make the decisions, but the streamer).

Ancestors Legacy

Alexander Pak: The RTS genre is more likely dead than alive, although its brainchild is flourishing (I'm talking about MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends). Ancestors Legacy is perfect despite the absence of a multi-million dollar budget. Destructive Creations did a great job with the Unreal Engine, squeezing the most out of its own capabilities. The strategy has it all: the beautiful scenes, the micro and macro control of units, tactical nuances and even claims to recreate the historical battles of the Middle Ages. I wouldn’t call the game a masterpiece, but in the absence of the best, it is worth the time spent on it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Counter Strike

Jaroslav Chlumský: The year 2018 was crucial for the esports industry in many aspects in my opinion. Especially if you consider how many games and prestigious tournaments we have been a witness, however, If I've to choose one game which I like the most I'll go with PUBG. Mostly because I work next to the “video-game-room” where players from all over the Czech Republic come to play this game and yell at each other like monkeys. The atmosphere and passion like this l have last seen in Counter-Strike 1.6 like 10 years ago, and I hope this community and players itself will do their best to make this title real esport one. But don’t get me wrong, the best game of every year is Counter-Strike, not Fortnite kids Counter-Strike okay?! CS rule them all and always will! 

The following games were also mentioned among the games of 2018, but they weren't included in our top:

  • DayZ, 
  • Tetris Effect, 
  • Lineage 2 Classic, 
  • Frostpunk, 
  • Donut Country, 
  • Dota 2,
  • Into the Breach, 
  • StarCraft 2, 
  • Shadow of the Colossus, 
  • Faster Than Light.

We'll be happy to see your favorite games in the comments and thank you for your attention, your WePlay! Team :)


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