G2A calls its League of Legends sponsorship ban "heavy-handed and potentially damaging"

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Riot Games recently decided to ban key-selling website G2A from sponsoring League of Legends teams

Riot Games recently decided to ban key-selling website G2A from sponsoring League of Legends teams, due to the site's refusal to remove account selling and boosting options.

Now G2A has issued an official statement in response to the ban, calling it a "heavy-handed and potentially damaging" attempt to control the industry that will negatively affect the e-sports scene.

The company accuses Riot of having “launched an aggressive attack directed towards the entire global e-sports community in a failed attempt to dominate and control the industry”. They suggested that Riot’s email on September 18th brought news that “has the ability to impact negatively on e-sporters, especially during this fabulous time when hopes are so high for great e-sports events”.

Both sides claim they tried to amicably resolve the dispute, but could find no common ground. G2A claims it has pumped over $6 million into e-sports sponsorship over the last few years, but Riot says it wasn't willing to compromise its values in order to maintain those sponsorships.


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