FutureGrind trailer is out!

Jan 25 2019 2 min read

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Are you looking for an extreme sports game with a story? Then I have good news for you! Two days ago, developers from Milkbag Games have unveiled a launch trailer for their new extreme-sports game called FutureGrind launched on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows ( Windows only, sorry fellow Mac gamers). 

The aim of the FutureGrind is to match the colour of the wheel to the colour of the platform it lands on. Sounds easy? Maybe, but don't forget if you mess it up, you will explode!  

 Owen Goss, one of the two developers of FutureGrind explained the storyline as well as cyberpunk setting inside the game:

"When we began prototyping FutureGrind in 2014, our plan was to have the game consist just of a set of levels to work through. We wanted levels to be in several different environments but all feel connected. So we wrote a whole story outline for why the world was the way it was."

He also added:

"We dove in and planned out quite a large story. We fleshed out the sponsors and their reps and created backstories for them all. And we created the whole plot arc and subplots. At that point in development, we decided we wanted the characters in the story to communicate with you, the player, via a kind of text-message interface. They would send you messages talking to you and assign you work to do. You would jump back and forth between conversations in a phone-like interface and complete tasks. We built a complete user interface for it and wrote the first fifth or so of the story. The problem was, it was extremely text heavy, and when we showed it to people, they got confused by the interface, and we noticed a lot of people would just skip through the dialogue."

For more information visit a www.futuregrind.net


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