Friday Memes & Arts Game of the Year Edition

Dec 07 2018 4 min read

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So, the GotY 2018 winners have been announced recently and it’s a great time to look at the funny memes and arts surrounding the best titles and performers of the year.

God of War

God of War developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio and released exclusively for PS4 won the Game of the Year 2018 main nomination. The director and one of the writers of the game’s narrative Cory Barlog is recognized as one of the biggest geniuses in modern gaming. God of War focuses on complicated relations between a legendary warrior and his son, who are living through a personal hell while surviving a dangerous quest.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most obvious candidates for this year’s main award.

The “You are not ready” catchphrase will be used for many generations of gamers.

Being a single father wasn’t very easy for Kratos

A beautiful painting by u/GameDuneonPro

"The Summit" from God of War by u/SwedishFreaK_.


The game won the Best Ongoing Game 2018 award as the most fast growing multiplayer title of 2018. Not everyone is happy or understands how Fortnite became such a blockbuster, but literally, millions of people enjoy playing it daily and Fortnite will enter 2019 as a legitimate full-fledged esports.

Earlier this year the creators of PUBG tried to sue Epic Games for copying the concept of Battle Royale. I didn’t follow the exact reasons why the case collapsed and can only assume that the defense brought to the attention of judges that the original Battle Royale game was called Bomber Man and it was created about 30 years ago.

u/HalfHealth came up with another way Fortnite could have stolen IP from PUBG.

A great war room poster by u/Liqood.

u/Richesio met a person in Fortnite and wrote him a LinkedIn review.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 was expected to win the Game of the Year award this year and although it didn’t the title got the first place in many other nominations including but not limited to Best Narrative, Best Performance, and Best Score/Music. The game became a blockbuster from the day it was released and it fell very short from overthrowing GTA V as the game with the biggest amount of sold copies in the first weeks.

You can check out Memes and arts #11 (the link is at in the top right section of this page) to find out about the problems Bethesda has faced. No wonder people want to just keep playing RDR 2 instead of exploring the buggy wasteland.

The horse AI in the game doesn’t exactly match the behavior of the real life beast.

This post by u/rshanlon didn’t age well.


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins won the Content Creator/Streamer of the Year award for his entertaining Fortnite streams. He has the biggest number of followers on Twitch and averages above 55k viewers during a broadcast.

Ninja portrait by JESPERISH.

Ninja is now very heavily scrutinized for asking Epic Games to ban a Fortnite player who was allegedly stream sniping.

Tyler is a very controversial player who has survived many scandals.


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Devil May Cry 5 demo is available for Xbox One exclusively


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