Friday is a great time to catch up on the funniest memes and most inspiring arts of the week. Let’s dive right into it!



Have you heard about this new game called Doka 2? We've got some memes about it.

This one was posted by Team Empire Twitter account.

Master PS skill by @blababubbaaa 

Tommy might be on to something!

Jabz, the alpha male!

Old but gold. Tiny with a selfie stick.

Thanos is a solid source of memes.

This memerino of a cheesy random StarCraft player somehow ended up on launcher.

Good to know that Danish police provides solid training.

Reddit user ShiningKnight141 turned a meme into another meme. Well done!


A fine aft by @ZhangTianyuaaa

Lil sleepy Zergling form u/msteadart.

Reddit user stampe_csgo noticed Astralis merchandise in Toys R Us in Denmark.

Winter Fortnite concept from u/subk1.

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