Friday Memes & Arts #4

Oct 12 2018 3 min read

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Reddit user stylegaming knows about the tough life of a Dota 2 support.

Can't even say if this post by Its5pm from Reddit should be in Memes or in Arts.

You've probably heard that today Dendi plays against Na'Vi as a stand-in for Team Secret, right? Image credits to Reddit user karalejicSRB.

Kdearceo from Reddit found a real life Meepo.

Here is a CIS version of the same hero from Panishev.

Angelusthegreat from Reddit knows what Riki games generally look like.

Now you know the simple rules of Dota 2. Credit to NonRock from Reddit

Kottle adaptations by CraigParker from Reddit.

Hair grows the more kills you have. Suggestion by TheAdAgency from Reddit.

Regular vs Mint by SpdySlyr on Reddit.

Meta did shift throughout the seasons...

By Abstrakt from Reddit.

The girl deserves Oscar. Not the boy though.

By Emrisx from Reddit.


Artwork from Twitter user @mascotmaxx inspired by the Dendi and Team Secret story.

Awesom Lycan artwork by ZhangTianyuaaa from Reddit.


Stunning lady Invoker

Crystal Maiden by RazarasArtwork

The Creation of Jonesy.

Reaper Rex skin concept.

@ItsRecent from Twitter is ready for action!

Awesome poster by dthains_art from Reddit.

StarCraft community is still getting over the action figures memetrain from last week. Here is one of the best recent submissions.


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