Friday is a great time to catch up on the funniest memes and most inspiring arts of the week. Let’s dive right into it!


Legion Commander Tattoo from reddit user Haze-tz.

ZhangTianyuaaa from Reddit shared his Monkey King art.

 Lady Anti-Mage by Razaras posted on Reddit by Yoda-Master.

Miracle fanart from Reddit user khrPatrick.

From reddit user Marina_goncalves.

Awesome artwork shared on Reddit by tqminh111.

This Zerg Hydralysk statue from Reddit user gabulinsculpting spawned a memetrain on r/starcraft.

 And here is Artanis, the Protoss Hierarch from the same gabulinsculpting.

Reddit user Journey_951 shared this 3D printed and painted Terran Battlecruiser by Gambody.

Lunch Atop Tilted Towers from Reddit user t-visADL.

Fortnite: The Last Supper from the same artist. 



Dirkthehammer from reddit shared this and started a memetrain on r/dota2.

Superboleg from Reddit made a picture of a guy he met in Russian metro.

Remember the Hydralisk and Artanis statues? There is a high-quality meme about it from Reddit user majorFlubz.

 Someedgyname666 from Reddit must have played as Zerg against Cannon rushers, so he knows the pain.

 Illusion_Fox from Reddit and the rest of the Fortniters can't wait for Halloween event.

The happy faces of tournament MVPs by BernieIsMySavior from Reddit.

MostWantedBandit from Reddit has something to say about PUBG updates.

 Reddit user Noerito urges us to choose wisely.

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