Friday is a great time to catch up on the funniest memes and most inspiring arts of the week. Let’s dive right into it!



Spicy memes about Head&Shoulders shampoo advertised by Ramzes.

 Reddit user Sh8tan memes about P2P games.


Reddit user Bluewy_Atenean knows how to ruin a romantic evening. At least no one will distract him from Pubg that night.

Hard to say if it's art or a meme, but it's the finest work of SirShambutape from Reddit.

 What it feels like when you try to quit Dota by Reddit user Mademan1137.

IO Aghanim's Scepter upgrade concept with subjectively nice artwork.



Grimstroke before he moved to Dota 2 Universe by Reddit user Wigmania.

Loading screen for a western-themed CK set by Reddit user Hieronymus7Z


Crystal Maiden cosplayer advertising internet cafe in Russia. Submitted on Reddit By Panishev.

Zeus: Ragnarok by @mostuselessfag from gfycat.

Sparkle Queen cosplay by shan146 from Reddit.

A ceramics Carbot Zergling made by Reddit user ozmosis17.

Fortnite Kitsune Mask by Kazulgfox from Deviantart.

Twitter user @rehabGnaked with a great Luna cosplay.

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