Friday memes & arts #0. Pilot

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Friday memes & arts #0.  Pilot

Friday is a great time to catch up on the funniest memes and most inspiring arts of the week. Let’s dive right into it!

Dream EG roster by Reddit user u/SilverMoonya

Old but gold. Credit to community

Twitter user @notshrix aka br0tail created this meme when he heard the story of Topson’s entry into OG.

 Reddit user u/Mr_Nestli, like most of Dota 2 players, doesn’t want chat wheel to go.

Reddit user defdump- shared the best ways to dump MMR in Dota 2.


 Meet MidOne, one of the most talented and hardworking Dota 2 players in the world. Instagram user playfulharu has tons of beautiful drawings like this.

Fortnite art by FireFerix from Deviantart

 Fortnite art by Abstractmusiq from Deviantart

WoW character Medivh by funzee from Deviantart

 PUBG/Fortnite mesh-up by ameshamza from Deviantart

StarCraft 2 Infestor by Zetpk from Deviantart

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