Freddybabes talks about Artifact RNG and the tournament systems

Dec 01 2018 4 min read

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Freddy "Freddybabes" Bird had a nice run in the Group C of WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength but unfortunately, he didn’t make it out of the group stage.

We asked Freddybabes a couple of questions about the game and about the tournament system overall.

Freddy "Freddybabes" Bird Interview

WePlay!: What brought you to CCG?

Freddybabes: I played a fair amount of Hearthstone when I was younger and then got really into Gwent in closed beta.

WePlay!: Why did you choose to switch to Artifact?

Freddybabes: I love to compete more than anything and so Artifact is the obvious game to try out and play right now for a card game player. Also, I had already qualified for all the future Gwent tournaments so I needed something to keep me busy in the meantime

WePlay!: Are you going to stick with Artifact?

Freddybabes: I will still play Artifact and hopefully get the chance to play in more tournaments. Who knows what will happen in the very long term but for now I'll be focusing on Artifact

WePlay!: Comparing Artifact to Gwent, what did you enjoy more?

Freddybabes: Artifact games feel a lot more intense and less predictable than Gwent games which is both good and bad. It feels painful to lose in Artifact and really great when you win so I'd say the games are more extreme whereas in Gwent it is more predictable and less exciting

WePlay!: Do you think constructed is the most suitable mode for tournaments?

Freddybabes: Constructed mode right now feels like there is a lot of variants/RNG which influences who wins, that possibly could be made less of a problem by switching to bo5s or players using multiple decks/a sideboard for their games. Draft will always have some problems being the main competitive mode due to the randomness of the draft itself, so I see constructed still being the most suitable mode for tournaments.

WePlay!: What do you think about this tournament overall?

Freddybabes: WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength has been awesome so far; the production quality and casting has been 10/10. Lots of Artifact to watch which is fun and the group system is cool as well.

WePlay!: What is your favourite hero/card?

Freddybabes: I think my favorite card is Lich/Chain Frost cause it requires you to really plan ahead to use it properly and can be game winning a lot of the time, it is also fair though and can be countered by armor so is’t overly powerful.

WePlay!: What do you do besides gaming?

Freddybabes: I don't do much besides gaming full time, but I like to cycle and just chill when I have the time.

WePlay!: Having so many players with different games, do you think some backgrounds (like MTG for example) is more helpful in Artifact?

Freddybabes: I think MTG players and also Gwent players would agree that they have some advantages in Artifact because a lot of the mechanics carry over, such as being able to react to your opponent's plays and the idea of initiative being similar to having the first play in Gwent. Also having to manage resources properly and save cards for when they have a high impact are both key to winning in MTG/Gwent

WePlay!: Since today who do you think is the strongest player?

Freddybabes: I think Lifecoach is the strongest player in my eyes but it’s really hard to say. Anyone is the best still because not many tournaments have been played and the game only just released

WePlay!: Are you rooting for someone specific?

Freddybabes: At this point, I’m rooting for my teammates MrYagut and SuperJJ but also dpmlicious because we practiced together.

WePlay!: How did it happen to have so many draws?

Freddybabes: I think Time of Triumph played a big role in all the draws because it deals tower damage even despite the state of the board. Also, my deck was kind of bad at finishing games early which meant they often took a long time to finish and were decided by Time of Triumph damage.

WePlay!: Do you think MieGod's "BlessRNG" actually helped him? ????

Freddybabes: I think MieGod was a little bit lucky versus me but mostly his deck was just very strong versus mine. If I had won, it would have been because of him having very bad luck or myself having very good luck.

WePlay!: Were these planned draws or you were just trying to win as hard as you could?

Freddybabes: I was, of course, trying to win every game but at some point, it just becomes impossible and of course it’s better to tie than lose so I play for that option.

WePlay!: If you could have played something in a different way, what would it be?

Freddybabes: I think the main mistake I made this tournament was in the deckbuilder. If I had put Smash Defenses in my deck, I would have had a much better matchup versus Red/Green which was the hardest matchup for the deck.

WePlay!: And yeah, may I ask you to share some thoughts for the studio, casters (I know you are friends ????) and maybe some suggestions on how we can improve the tournament?

Freddybabes: The stream quality has been super excellent so far casters are all really good and professional. I think for the next tournament I would suggest either having sideboards with one deck and bo3 or bo3/bo5 with a ban and multiple decks otherwise having a favored matchup is a really big deal.


Thank you Freddybabes for a fantastic run and we hope to see you again. Moreover, we think his Strength should be updated from Luck to Endurance or Hard Work


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