Fortnite Season 4 Challenges: Last Chance

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Current Fortnite season is about to end so grab the loot while you can

Ok, everyone knows that Fortnite is hot stuff right now but with the Battle Passes there’s always a list of things you gotta do before the season ends.

Considering it’s the tenth and last week in Season 4, it’s a last chance to get XP and Battles Stars before Season 5 comes to our doors. Here’s a list of challenges and tips for you – let’s go!

Find chests in Junk Junction - 0/7

It is a bit hard to randomly appear at small area because Junk Junction is on north of the map and players don’t drop there that often. However, those chests in Giant Llama on north also count towards the challenge. So you can just land in the area several times and loot the sh*t out of it.

Deal damage to enemy buildings - 0/5000

Not that hard of a challenge, to be honest. You’d better be using something explosive and play in 50 vs. 50 mode with tons of people on every spot.

Find a Chest, Ammo box and Supply drop during solo match - 0/3

Drops are not that frequent in solo match as in team matches. So the ideal way to achieve the task is to play in 50 vs. 50 mode – lots of drops in there.

Jump through Floating Rings - 0/20

Ok, to do this one you need to pick some calm place to drop out of the bus, fly through several floating rings. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need.

Look for movie names - 0/1

This one is a bit weird: you need to find Battle Stars using movie names as landmarks. Crave for the coordinates? We got’em! The White Lion Statue is at Soccer Stadium, The Orange Crusher on Junk Junction and TV Dreams to east from a nearby location.

Kill your opponents - 0/10

Easy peasy! Land, pick some weapons and go on a killing streak.

Kill opponents at Fatal Field - 0/3

Try to land on warehouses that have many weapons. While others deconstruct roofs into building parts, you can get those frags.

Season 4 ends on July 9, so you still have time to do the challenges. Good luck!

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