Fortnite players brainstorm the mystery of a floating sphere

Jan 16 2019 2 min read

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Fortnite Battle Royale has already featured a "geometrical mystery" of sorts in the form of a huge violet cube slowly traveling across the game's map. The mystery was finally solved with the start of a new season, but now it appears that the cube isn't the only shape Epic uses for its long-lasting support of Fortnite with new content. The time has come for a floating sphere - and fans are already at work to find out what's going on with it.

The sphere was introduced to the game with the patch 7.2.0, and for the time being it doesn't really do anything. You can obviously build a ramp up in the skies to reach the orb and hit it with a pickaxe, but it doesn't respond in any way other than making a dinging sound. There's no doubt that the sphere marks another round of huge in-game events that will bring drastic changes to Fortnite's map, but no one knows what exactly is going to happen - there're only speculations from fans who claim to have discovered a few hints.

The sphere makes a low noise, which gives a shady image of the Ice King as a result of running it through the spectrometer. The players are already expecting for the character to return - and the recent research by Lucas7Yoshi indicates that the Ice King is indeed connected to the sphere. Moreover, the figure of the Ice King is trapped inside the ball - and the character looks like he is creating something resembling the aforementioned violet cube.

Dataminers have also discovered a few hints, and thanks to their work we now know that the sphere will serve as a portal of sorts to bring the Ice King back. His return is likely to be accompanied by the Ice Storm and the Ice Legion. Things are getting pretty icy!


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