Fortnite might get a CTF mode

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Fortnite might get CTF mode

Data miners found files suggesting that CTF could become a new Limited Time Mode.

Fortnite’s client has historically been the main source of the game’s leaks. Data miners have found multiple skins and functions that were only making their way to the game.

Twitter account @FNLeak has recently found a file suggesting that Fortnite will get Capture the Flag mode as a Limited Time Mode. There is a subfolder called “SeizePack” in “50v50” folder of the game client. Gamefiles also refer to that folder as “Flag”. According to the leakers, we shouldn’t hold our breath yet, as “the flag item appears to be only somewhat complete.

Now that Call of Duty has its own Battle Royale, Epic Games must feel very confident to bring the CoD classics to their own game. CTF mode can be found in multiple FPS games, it should be a great diversion from the main BR mode in Fortnite. Interesting to see what strategies players will bring to the game with the ability to build fortresses and without the storm breathing down on their necks.

Limited Time Modes are usually available for a couple of weeks and allow players to relax from the usual BR grinding experience.

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