Fortnite is getting a new Snowfoot Outfit

Jan 04 2019 2 min read

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Being an extremely popular game, Fortnite does a great job offering its players various ways to customize their experience in terms of visual representation. The title has tons of skins, outfits and cosmetic items which you can buy with real money from the in-game Item Shop - the main source of game's income considering it's a free-to-play project.

But first you need to exchange your money for the in-game currency - so called V-Bucks which you can also earn by playing Fortnite: Save the World co-op campaign which is a full-price purchase on its own. This means that you are obligated to spend money in case you want a fancy new outfit - either on buying V-Bucks directly or on purchasing Fortnite: Save the World. It is worth noting that new skins and outfits do not benefit your gameplay stats in any way - but they do look cool, and that's pretty much enough for innumerous players around the world to spare their hard earned cash on digital cosmetic stuff.

In case you are among those interested in browsing the Item Shop for fabulous novelties, there's a shiny new Snowfoot Outfit which turns your character into the Lich King look-alike with a Frostmourne-ish pickaxe called Inverted Blade, which will cost you 1,500 and 500 V-Bucks correspondingly. Yeah, looking dazzling requires a few pennies.

Here's the current line-up of items for today:


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