Fortnite glitch allows to shoot through the walls

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You can shoot through chinks in a brick wall if it has a window

Fortnite players noticed a glitch in the game that allows to shoot through chinks in walls with sniper rifles.

To get a glitched chink you need to create a brick wall and edit “window” slot inside of it. You can get a safe cover behind the wall, while shooting opponents through yours, or, with a little bit of luck, their wall.

There is no information on whether Epic Games are planning to patch it.

Bug or feature?

Bugs have always been a generous source of controversy in уsports. Even back in 1999, when StarCraft was making its first baby steps towards becoming a competitive game, people complained that their buildings couldn’t reliably wall of ramps from Zerglings (which hasn’t been changed even today).

Probably the most notable incident with a game bug in esports took place during The International 2013 when Na’Vi pulled off the infamous Pudge/Chen (Dendi/Puppey) combination. Dendi hooked enemy heroes while being teleported to his base, consequently sending enemy heroes to the deadliest place on the map. Valve eventually patched this “bug” but only after The International ended. Most players and viewers agreed that Na’Vi played fairly.

Each competitive game has its specific rules that regard cheating. Most often you aren’t allowed to gain advantage over opponents by tempering with UI (wall hacks) and controls (macros). Everything else, including exploitation of game bugs, is allowed and fair unless tournament organizer or developers clearly say so.

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