Fortnite Dataminer Has Revealed a New Weapon

Aug 02 2019 2 min read

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As Epic Games removed a lot of items and weapons from the Fortnite arsenal when the Season X started, it is just the best time for the first new guns to appear, as the game has undergone quite a lot of changes.

Dataminers have already found one of these new guns — they say that the automatic sniper rifle will soon join the game, most likely in the update next week. It will be available in unusual, rare, epic and legendary degrees of rarity, which is quite unusual for new weapons — developers usually release them in two or three variants with low rarity or Epic and Legendary variants, so it's an unusual release if all the rarities appear simultaneously.

The new weapon will deal 30, 31, 33 and 35 damage per shot, depending on its rarity, and will have a 16-bullet magazine. Its reload time decreases with increasing rarity, from four seconds for the Uncommon version to 3.42 seconds for the legendary version. Given its damage and mag size, perhaps it wouldn't too accurate, but it is definitely going to shoot faster than the semi-automatic version and would allow players to push hard on the enemies.

The automatic sniper rifle can fit into an important niche in the game's meta. The semi-automatic sniper was rarely used because players seemed to prefer scoped single-shot rifles with the aim to one-shot their opponents, yet they are difficult to master. 

Epic Games has not yet announced or confirmed the release of this Automatic Sniper Rifle.


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