Fortnite: Battle Royale Skins — list and how to achieve them

Jan 19 2019 6 min read

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Fortnite was released in 2017 and since then has had an enormous amount of skins and visual appearances for your character. Not a single one influences gameplay and balance, however, many players feel much more comfortable or have more fun, personalizing their character according to individual aesthetic criteria. In this article, we will guide you through Fortnite's cosmetics made by Epic Games designers and focus on most interesting and new stuff.

There are quite a lot of options for how to get a certain skin, but most of them require financial investments in one way or another. After purchasing the Battle Pass and getting levels of progression, you can unlock some very rare outfits, in fact, by just playing the game for a certain time until reaching a required point. Each season provides players with new skins and cosmetics. 

Let's take a closer look at the stuff that appeared in Season 7 (current season) since not so much time has passed and some players have not yet had time to get them all. 

Season 7 

This one is available at Tier 1, but with level progressing transforms into futuristic armour:

Reaching 30.000 XP:

Final look:

Complete weekly challenges to gain experience points faster. 

Also available at Tier 1. Looks warmer over time. You'll need to complete 10 weekly challenges to unlock the final one.

Sgt. Winter 
Available at Battle Pass Tier 23. Head is the only thing changing over progressing. Requires a total of 14 daily tasks completed.

Get your 47th rank to unlock this one. No alternative looks available.

Well, Trog is quite funny. You'll need Tier 71.

Appeared at the items store at the end of last season — thanks to a dev's mistake. Now you can earn a suit at Tier 87.

The Ice King
Unlocks at the last rank of the Battle Pass, Tier 100. Clearly inspired by classic comic book villains and the Lich King from World of Warcraft. This skins has 4 levels of progression, which differ only in colours. You need to kill a huge number of enemies to unlock them. 

Season 2-6 skins

Rare skins

Blue Team Leader
This one is available exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Still, you can apply it on other platforms,  but only if your PSand Epic accounts are bound. This set includes a glider of similar colour — extremely easy to obtain, but quite rare because of a not very obvious way to unlock.

The Reaper
Last (Tier 100on the list of Season 3. Most likely, it will never be available again, as the season has come to an end a long time ago. Obviously, the source of inspiration is Keanu Reeves from the John Wick movie.

Sgt. Green Clover
Released seasons ago in honour of St. Patrick's Day and was available for a limited time. Not a lot of people can boast of such an outfit because at that time Fortnite was just gaining popularity. It's likely that on March 17, this set will be on sale again, but there were no official statements so far.

Red Knight
Many still regret not buying it at the start of Season 2, while it was available at the item store. One of the most beautiful and rare skins in the game. It was later available several times (2000 V-Bucks), but it's not available today and we can't even imagine when to expect it to appear at the store. 

Omega - Full Armor
Quite a rare suit — you could have got one only by reaching Tier 100 at Season 4. Few were able to snap a unit because it took too much time compared to previous seasons, as the total XP points amount to hit the top level increased noticeably and only super-pros could have got it without investing V-Bucks.

People love this skin, but it will cost you a lot. Raven outfit firstly appeared in 3.4.1 game patch. Its value in terms of real currency was about $20 the day it released. The last time was available on September 21, 2018, and with high probability will return again.

Aerial Assault Trooper
Disappeared from the store the same day Season 1 ended, that's why many of today's players haven't got this skin — more to say, almost all of them haven't even planned to begin their acquaintance with Fortnite. Incredibly rare skin. Costed you 1200 V-Bucks at Tier 15.

Renegade Raider
Perhaps this one is the rarest suit at the moment — Season 1 exclusive. You have had to reach the 20th rank (max. Tier at that time) during the first five days after the launch to be able to purchase it for 1200 V-Bucks. It disappeared from the store and never again came back. Many famous streamers (including Ninja) use it as a reminder of their game experience from time to time. There's unconfirmed information that just a few hundred people have Renegade Raider skin in their collection, so there's a very little chance to meet an owner of such a rare skin on a battlefield.


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