Fortnite 6.10 is live with Disco Domination mode modifications

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Fortnite 6.10 is live with Disco Domination mode

We’ve covered most important changes of Battle Royale mode

Fortnite has been updated to version 6.10 with new massive gameplay additions. In this article we’ll be focusing on the changes Epic Games added to Battle Royale mode. 


The variety of vehicles in Fortnite has been lackluster in comparison to other popular Battle Royale games. Both All Terrain Kart and Shopping Cart allow players to move around and gain tactical advantage, but the game has been lacking an assault vehicle that would allow to commence attacks on fortifications.

Quadcrasher was built to fill this gap with a boost ability that can crush walls. It has only 2 seats, so you won’t be using it to cruise around the map with the full squad.

Fortnite Competition (Battle Royale)

The Competition tab is probably the most important new feature this game received throughout 2018. Participate in tournaments with friends and get matched against players of similar skill.

The event tab contains Friday Fortnite tournament, which we’ve covered previously. The original organizer of Friday Fortnite KEEMSTAR has been quiet on Twitter for the last couple of days, and we can’t say whether he will be streaming it next Friday.

Disco Domination

As we have already mentioned before Epic Games has released a new mode "Disco Domination" not so long ago. The patch notes read "Break out your best moves and take control of the dance floor in this new Limited Time Mode," and as the name of the mode suggests - it's all about dancing. All players are split into two teams of 32 and will have to dance on five dance floors, which will appear when there is no storm. Players will emote "when no enemies are present to raise a disco ball in the centre of the floor, and capture it for your team." So, it's a dance-off basically. Remember that you can also earn new Halloween skins to double the fun!

What’s New?

  1. Reduced all bandage spawns by 50%.
  2. Removed all Common weapons.
  3. increased the variability of where you can spawn by 30% along your sides storm circle.
  4. Brought in the side dancefloors closer to the Storm edge.
  5. Reduced max respawn distance by 20%.

Other important changes

The game received a plethora of bug changes and performance optimizations across every platform.

Music selected in Locker Room will be playing each time you get Victory Royale. Many other sound improvements were added.

Mobile players received a lot of love – the game runs much better on old Android devices and all iOS devices.  Now you equip the first weapon you pick to be able to fight in those early skirmishes.

The full list of Fortnite 6.10 changes is available on the official patch notes page.

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