Fortnite 5.40 update

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Storm, revolver, explosives and DESTRUCTION

Epic Games has presented a brief patch review video on the following update. The very first thing mentioned is that the storm will deal damage not only players but constructions. This is made to encourage players to be more dynamic in the last playing areas. Devs report that only 10% matches reach the final playing area, so an update 5.40, probably, will not change something fundamental. 

We will lose revolver, at least, for this patch. “This is a part of an initiative to keep the item pool feeling fresh and dynamic.” - said the presenter. This is a massive attack on us, hardcore cowboy brothers and sisters(yeah, I am one of them).

Also, some new mobility item is going to be presented. Remote Explosives will now remain epic rarity to match its effectiveness and shield will be adjusted from 2 to 3 stacks. 

Check this out from the video below:

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