Forge of Masters. WePlay! League Predictions — Day 6

Apr 15 2019 3 min read

Forge of Masters. WePlay! League Predictions — Day 6 ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Let's break down the results of previous predictions.

Day 5 Stats:

  • Analyticum - 100% (2/2 correct)
  • Strike - 100% (2/2 correct)
  • Enkanis - 100% (2/2 correct)
  • yXo - 100% (2/2 correct)
  • Mayers - 100% (2/2 correct)

Cumulative stats:

  • Analyticum - 66.6% (12/18 correct)
  • Strike - 66.6% (12/18 correct)
  • Enkanis - 66.6% (12/18 correct)
  • yXo - 61.1% (11/18 correct)
  • Mayers - 61.1% (11/18 correct)

DreamEaters vs Team Spirit

Team Spirit is getting back to good shape after the trip to China and should be approaching their optimal performance.

DreamEaters have been one of the biggest surprises of the event as many people didn’t expect them to perform that good against stronger opponents. Had the match been taking place last week, DE would stand a decent chance to win, but today it’s going to be tough.

Analyticum — Team Spirit

Enkanis, yXo, Strike — Team Spirit

Mayers — DreamEaters

Consensus — Team Spirit

Team Spirit vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers has won all the official matches the teams played vs each other. Perhaps, the best of 1 format will through a wrench in this dynamic and Team Spirit can find a way to upset the heavy favorites.

On paper, Team Spirit have all they need: a long time to prepare, strong individual players and a decent map pool. HR had recent roster changes and struggled in certain scenarios.

Analyticum — Team Spirit

yXo — Team Spirit

Mayers, Enkanis, Strike — HellRaisers

Consensus — HellRaisers

pro100 vs Nemiga

pro100 won the last 5 matches played vs Nemiga, and the Belorussian team will find it hard to break the streak. On paper, the skill difference between the two is not overwhelming, so Nemiga might still find a way to surprise the WePlay! League viewers.

Analyticum — pro100

yXo, Strike, Mayers, Enkanis — pro100

Consensus — pro100

pro100 vs AVANGAR

AVANGAR come back for another round after a dominating performance yesterday. pro100 has never won against this opponent, and it will be hard for them to stop the streak today.

pro100 could be undercut by the broad map pool of AVANGAR, making the ban/pick phase extremely relevant.

Analyticum — AVANGAR

yXo, Strike, Mayers, Enkanis — AVANGAR

Consensus — AVANGAR

Team Spirit vs AVANGAR

This match will be the highlight of the day. It might decide whether Team Spirit will secure the top-4 spot to make it to the LAN-finals.

By winning the match, AVANGAR will secure the play-offs spot 100%, even if they lose to the rest of the competition. The stakes are very high for both teams.

Analyticum — AVANGAR

yXo, Strike, Mayers, Enkanis — AVANGAR

Consensus — AVANGAR

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Forge of Masters. WePlay! League – Day 6 schedule
Forge of Masters. WePlay! League – Day 6 schedule
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