Forge of Masters. WePlay! League Predictions — Day 4

Apr 11 2019 3 min read

Forge of Masters. WePlay! League Predictions — Day 4 ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Third day of Forge of Masters WePlay! League has come to an end. We have prepared the predictions for day 4, but before we get down to the main course, let's check out rhe results of previous predictions and see if our talent crew and the behind-the-scenes WePlay! team (Analyticum) were correct.

Day 3 Stats:
Analyticum - 50% (2/4 correct)
Strike - 50% (2/4 correct)
Enkanis - 50% (2/4 correct)
yXo - 50% (2/4 correct)
Mayers - 50% (2/4 correct)

Cumulative stats:
Analyticum - 66.6% (8/12 correct)
Strike - 66.6% (8/12 correct)
Enkanis - 62.5% (7/12 correct)
yXo - 58.3% (7/12 correct)
Mayers - 50% (6/12 correct)

Winstrike (1.5) vs Nemiga (2.65)

Nemiga has a rough time playing the tournament. Unfortunately, they can't boast stable play, though you can tell how each individual player pushes himself up.

Since bondik joined the ranks, Winstrike has been reinventing its playstyle. The process leads to certain mistakes, but the overall skill and experience make up for it.

Expected map pics: Mirage, Dust2

Analyticum - Winstrike
Mayers, Enkanis, yXo, Strike Winstrike

Consensus - Winstrike

Pro100 (2.05) vs DreamEaters (1.8)

Recent roster changes had a good impact on Pro100 and it showed in the previous results. The team looks very promising even despite the unstable play.

DreamEaters don't have problems associated with team reshuffles, on the contrary, they have been excelling through the team play.

The opponents are quite even and though DreamEaters might play a little bit better, the results of this match are hard to predict.

Analyticum - DreamEaters
Mayers, Enkanis - pro100
 yXo, Strike -  DreamEaters

Consensus - DreamEaters

Team Spirit (1.65) vs Winstrike (2.35)

Since their trip to China, Team Spirit seem to be struggling with internal problems. In the previous match vs Vega Squadron, they performed poorly.

For Winstrike, this match is a great opportunity to earn additional points in the overall standings.

Expected map pics: Dust2, Overpass и Mirage.

Analyticum - Winstrike
Mayers, Enkanis,  yXo - pro100
Strike -  Winstrike

Consensus - Winstrike

Nemiga (2.85) vs Team Spirit (1.45)

Despite the issues mentioned before, Team Spirit is head and shoulders above the opponent and should win.

Nemiga has been struggling throughout the tournament so far, and, if they want to bounce back, it's the right time to do it.

Analyticum - Team Spirit
Mayers, Enkanis,  yXo, Strike - Team Spirit

Consensus - Winstrike

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